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Rap3 Awareness - Women responsible?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by es, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. ICM Poll Shows Widespread Ignorance Of Extent Of Rap e And Low Conviction Rates
    (haha its a censored word :p)



    Scarily, the 12,000 cases of **** reported in the UK each year are said to only represent a fifth of the actual number of cases.
    Only six per cent of reported rapes actually lead to a conviction. With statistics like that and the trauma of a trial, ending with only a slight chance of a conviction it's not surprising that that so few women report rapes.
    But if the general public opinion is that women are to blame for the ****, they are unlikely to think it's worth the effort of making a report.

    opinion peice, http://www.pandagon.net/archives/2005/11/this_is_what_fe.html
    Many people dont realise how few **** convictions there are, the process of reporting it, trial etc etc is very, very traumatic.

    Victims face persecution from their own families, comunity, accusers family and the media. You may be suprised at how many people are unsympathetic.

    This is probably becoming a very long post... however one more link Id like to share
    it deals with **** in the millitary; interesting reading.
  2. Interesting topic eswen
  3. and rather disturbing ..

    i have a friend who went through this..... (got him in the end but thats another story)

    current opinions and the way society and the law reacts is appalling.
  4. I've (unfortunetly) become somewhat cynical about women who claim to have been raped. Mostly due to conversations I've overheard, and partly due to what happend to a close friend of mine (he doesn't want to talk about it, and doesn't really want it talked about, so I will not post and details here).

    EDIT: wha? why is **** censored?
  5. Thats really fcuked up.
  6. its all pretty fcuked up :?

    that a bloke could tell themselves that its ok to do that is beyond me. and that a female might be able to wrk themselves into lying about something like that is equally disturbing.

    its a pretty screwed up issue after the fact, but if i caught someone doing something like that, i'd be feeding them their own knackers in a flash :evil: and god help any bastard that decides to have a shot at my GF, death is too good for some people....
  7. mate of mine came up with an interesting punishment.

    won't stop it but the guy in question will never do it again.

    involves a wooden shed, can of petrol or something else to start fire, a vice (guess what goes in that) and a carving knife.

    offender in placed in side the shed with XXXXX held in the vice. Shed is then set on fire.

    offender has to decide if they want to die in the fire or live.....with consequences
  8. Depends on the definition of sexually assaulted.

    I'm a bloke.

    When I was in LA in a club, a girl walked up to me and grabbed my groin as her pick up line. That was technically sexual assault.

    And I've had my butt grabbed in pubs/clubs by girls a few times. That's sexual assault.

    I'll tell you one of my favourite stories that my wife told me.

    She was 17. She's russia. In Russia. Walking to meet a friend, got lost. Walking past the uni, so she asks one of the guys outside if there was a phone around. He said sure, there's one in my room, you can come up and use it. Up they go to his room. Into the room they go, and lo and behold no phone.

    She turns around to see the guy locking the door. He then puts the key away and tells her there's only one way out of there, and she knows what she has to do.

    Lana steps back, throws a straight right and breaks the guys nose. Then while he's on the ground crying, she takes the keys off him, unlocks the door, let's herself out then locks him in.