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Rants - they're multilingual

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chef, May 17, 2012.

  1. http://jalopnik.com/5910543/what-goes-through-a-bikers-head-when-you-try-and-kill-him

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  2. Thought Nineteen is all we need.
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  3. and you have outdone yourself with the post tags this time Chef.
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  4. Heh heh....thanks bro
  5. Bikerspost.com

    They whacked it on facebook.
  6. 16 is clearly wrong, but 17-20 I like. :)
  7. There are some very good video's on bike safety on Facebook,
    I just dont know how to put them on here for all to see,
  8. The man is a poet.
  9. you can think your facebook means something (it doesn't)

    I'm putting this on Google+.
  10. What's the deal with google+?
  11. My nob button's gone again. [sigh]

    Thanks chef. Good for a chuckle.

    I also have a problem with 16. I don't like having violence thrust on me, but I accept that it's a manly and forthright thing. I don't have a lot of respect for people who go running to the teacher or the cops to protect them from the bad boys, but I accept that's the way the world is moving and that's how civilised adults stay civilised. The weak have a right to defence and protection, under the law, from the strong and the ruthless, and that is as it should be. What I cannot abide is some tool who will tear my (anyone's) mirror off over some real or imaginary transgression, and then threaten legal action to defend himself. You can be a good boy, or you can be a bad boy, but you can't be both! You have no honour and no moral claim to either if you try.

    There's a name for that in jail. Dogs.
  12. I had to set up a Google+ account for work. Fucked if I can work it out.

    Knowing Google it will take over eventually though.
  13. Maybe not. Rumour from the geek room is it's died in the arse. Expect to see it change big-time or dissapear.
  14. Wouldn't surprise me, it is not at all instinctive to use, especially for someone used to Facebook. But this is their second crack at it, Wave tanked. They have the resources to keep throwing more turds at the wall and eventually one steaming mound will stick.
  15. #15 Gord, May 20, 2012
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    Google + is not for keeping in touch with old school friends, its about finding like minded people and making new friends.

    Google bring google, just search for things that interest you, like motorbikes. You'll find posts from people about bikes, and from there you can comment, +1 add them as friends etc.

    Google+ isn't hard to use, you just haven't given it a go.


  16. You may well be right, but I'm not interested in the social side of Google+, not that interested in Facebook for that purpose either. I need to use it because my work wants a presence there. Setting up, customising and running a business presence on every other social media site I have used is a billion times more intuitive at the moment than a G+ business page. I have given it a go, on and off for over a week now, and still feel the same. This is obviously just my take on it, others may find it a breeze. Guess it is what you are used to. I know personally if I had to pick just one G+ would be last on my list.

    I have no doubt that they will improve, they are Google. But right now I find the whole thing very clunky.
  17. I guess we'll just have to disagree on it's clunkiness then :]

    I've been on it while it was in locked testing, and seen it evolve. It's doing what it has always done better than it used to, but the ideology behind it has not changed at all.

    Facebook is for keeping in touch with people, G+ is for expanding your follower-ship and reaching more and more people. If motorbike users like what you have to say, they will inevitably comment, +1 or share your post, and trust me, things REALLY get around on G+.

    I post about how bullshit religion is, laugh at america non-stop and support gay rights. They make up a few of my posts and I have gained over 2,000 followers in 11 months. I know about 20 people, I've become friendly with 15, and made 10 new local real-life friends. Much larger than the scope I had on facebook, where I had over 300 'friends' (five real...)

    I'm just saying that for a business front, there isn't any better marketing or demographic than google+. The demographic comes to you to read what you have to say. Not so much to come and 'like' your product in hope of winning a free one.

    Plenty of good guides to get on G+ and understand it fully, if you're willing.

  18. Cheers, that's good to know. I definitely have to persist with it, part of my job. Good to hear it's not the cock up I first thought it was.
  19. Definitely not a cockup. If you really want a realisation, google how many users Vs active users there are on each platform, and how long they took.

    G+ is hands down kicking arse.