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[Rant] Rent push bike rack takes parking spot

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by brownyy, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. [Rant on]

    Well, on the mornings I get in too early (pre-6am) for the carpark to open I park outside my building (447 Collins street - Ugly suncorp building).

    This thing arrived today;

    WTF!!! Frikking rent-a-push-bike!!! :censored:

    This little installment has managed to take what is usually 6-9 regularly used motorcycle parking spots.

    Before people say, just park to one side or the other. Nope!!! That's always full!! Collins street south side between market street and william street is usually full with motorcycles from people that work on other blocks that can't park out the front of their building. The dedicated on road motorcycle parking on market street is usually full, so much so that people are now parking on the north side of collins street where there is less foot path and more pedestrian traffic.

    Where are these regular riders going to park now? See all that open concrete space in front of 447 Collins? That's private land, not aloud to park there as I found out one night.

    Who reckons I can jam my front tyre in one of those holder thingo's and cable lock my bike there so it doesn't get stolen??

    [/end rant]

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  2. Why don't you cycle to work Browny? I hear you can hire bikes from the council now!


    Yeah, it does seem not very well thought out though, perhaps if we had some kind of "lobby group" made up of riders these things wouldn't happen? :-k
  3. Cycle 90km one way?

    Git fukd.
  4. Be patient, it'll be gone in a little while. Two weeks into the scheme there are two of their bikes stashed in one of my neighbour's back yard (thinks I can't see) and one trashed and dumped in the park ;)
  5. Imagine how fit you'd get!
  6. Why would you want one, they're terrible and heavy! I'm surprised they don't have totally solid tyres. lol
  7. We'll pass this on to the Motorcycles in Melbourne committee of the MCC. If these things are going sto pring up throughout the CBD then there are implications for us - maybe they'll need to put some more dedicated m/c spaces in to compensate.

    meanwhile, can you just keep watch and let me know how many of these spaces are actually used over the next few weeks. I suspect it will be bugger all. If this is the case then we'll have a damned good case to get rid of them.

    (Mind you - that would mean that they'd lose face and as we know, VicRoads et al are even more concerned about losing face than almost anything else)
  8. why not just park the front wheel to the outside of the post (so you don't damage your rim, and chain it too it, seems like they just made parking motorcycles in the city a lot safer (y)
  9. Seriously, you don't have enough footpaths to park on....

  10. Since these will be in the most accessed areas of the CBD - and it appears there may be over a dozen of the bicycle parking stations then there well may be an issue.

    That's over 100 motorcycle parking spots lost - and when we consider that there are plenty of existing bicycle rails in the CBD that are well underused it does become an issue.
  11. Are they actually somewhere that you rent a bike from, or somewhere that you can leave and lock up your own pushie.

    If it is the first, then maybe they should be put inplace of underused bike rails.

    But the bike lobby would complain about losing there spots, but if they can be shown to be not being used, there shouldn't be a problem....
  12. Nah, you pay a subscription and you can use one of their bikes any location any time. It's for people who don't have a bike, or just want to get around the city.
    It won't work because you have to BYO helmet (so you've got to plan ahead).
  13. a small ball of semtex and a cheapie pre-paid mobile to detonate should suffice...but don't overdo it... just go easy on the semtex ok
  14. i think this hire a bike from a machine idea is brilliant! It might just work in getting all the fatso's to ride pushy's around the city instead of driving around.

    Oh and i really took footpath parking for granted when i lived in Vic. You realise just how much you miss it only when ur not allowed it anymore.
  15. So it's not even for the tourist market then either in that case, really does seem a waste....
  16. 3 more going in tomorrow, fed square and bourke st!
  17. Saw a nice big chunk of them placed at the top of Bourke street. I saw the one outside the suncorp building and thought about all the bikes I see parked there. Hmmph.
  18. My favourite meet spot for group rides has been taken too (corner Lygon and Farraday). I just shrugged - I actually reckon they're a pretty cool idea, if you don't mind taking the risk of being fined for no helmet.
  19. The concept works a treat in other cities, Paris France for example is huge... it's just that the helmet law became a sacred cow in Australia and wont be waived... so yes, at best the bikes will be underutilised or fail, because of the (questionable) helmet law.
  20. Bristol in the UK tried a Green Bicycle Scheme too, where bikes could be collected from designated spots in the city, used free of charge and then returned to a designated spot..

    The well meaning but somewhat naive backers of the scheme had reckoned without the inherent criminality of the populace though. I think the fleet survived approximately half an hour after the grand opening. The damn things did, however, periodically turn up in canals, rivers and railway lines for several years afterwards though.