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*RANT* - Bikers who can't park properly.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Mickyb V9, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. I think i'll bring this up before "bikers rage" erupts at where I park my bike.

    Don't you get the shits with other bikers who can't park their bike straight or not park close enough to another bike thus taking up more space stuffing it up for other riders.

    Its not a case of not getting their pride and joy scratched, its more of an issue of being slightly un-co and can't reverse walk their bike properly to line up.

    Well, for those here who park their bike on Berry St North Sydney, please try to line up your bike and be considerate to other riders. :p

    I've noticed the scooter folk keep some kind of order and uniformity at this bike parking area . . . . :? I'll take pics soon to show how some can't line their bikes up. :grin:
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  2. dont really have that kind of problem here in melbourne
    :wink: :LOL: :LOL:

    just kidding mate
    would love to see the pics
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  3. yeah, but is that worth an extra $50 a year per bike via your rego :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  4. yeah, i'll get pics up.

    some people are so un-co ! :grin:

    yesterday, a CBR250RR parked his bike at a slight angle and spaced from the adjoining bike - you can easily squeeze three Fatboys in the spot ! :evil:

  5. What shits me more is cars that park in the bike parking bays at my local gym :evil: . One car takes up all the parking bays, maybe they should install some kind of anti tank mine that will only go off under the weight of a car :)
  6. there's a scooter rider that parks near my work.
    He parallel parks like a car, taking up the space of around 2-3 bikes.
    He's a moron.
  7. YES!!!!

    And considering we don't have to deal with the CTP crap that other states have been lumped with, I'm happy with the cost of our rego.

    :p :LOL:
  8. We also have TAC which covers our arse in the event of a crash. Unlike other states who take you up the arse instead.
  9. MAIB in tasmania is prety comprehensive... They have been paying for physio for years. no gripes no quibles. Have an accident they pay from the start till the finish. Its amazing... They were going to manage my last claim but in the end it was a TAC matter.
  10. I am going to confess, Im a poxy parker! either too close or too far apart. My bad :(
  11. Yeah the MAIB have been pretty good for us so far. They have looked after Cat's family with counselling, as well as great assistance for her sisters in medical expenses and apparatus to make life easier while healing.

    They have also been extremely prompt in getting the death benefit out to my once I had sent in all the required paperwork (even had a call from them the day they had received it to confirm it had arrived!).

    Very impressed.
  12. then there might have been 3 fatboys parked there when he arrived that had since left :?:

  13. nah, I don't think he was minding their spot.
    And I don't think Bikie gang activity in Nth Syd is high. :grin:
  14. I park in the 4 level car park under our building... pushbikes have a coridoor to park their bikes and we have a 20m section agains a wall on one level to park our bikes... 2day I got in and every bay was filled with f%#$ing pushbikes :evil:
  15. its the same with cars... especially where there are no lines marked... people just fly in any which way and leave it to go do their thing.... you come to park and theres cars straight at an angle all over the place.. bloody heaps of room if only they'd take the time to fix it up....

    but even with lines marked I've seen cars parked with the bum end in the next parking spot so no one can fit there either... should get tire clamped for that Shite !! bunch of ...... :jerk: 's
  16. I can't park for crap. I'm so short that I'm usually concentrating on more important things like not dropping the bike and making a complete idiot of myself!
  17. yeah i have to admit i'm pretty bad at parking. i try my best, but its hard to reverse uphill when u can barely touch the ground :dance:
  18. Since I live in Vic and every footpath is one long parking space reserved especially us for I couldn't give a toss how other people park as long as they don't block me in, and don't touch my bike.
  19. Amen to that brother (or sister if you are a cool bike chick)...

    I love going in to the CBD and just being on time for everything and never having to worry about not having change for the meter and the bloody parking nazis...

    Hell, I am even polite to pedestrians who feel the need to walk in my personal parking lot. :p

    Just keep it out of the way and locked and you will never have a drama in good old Melbourne town.
  20. I park in the basement at work. Riders of scooters and "normal" bikes seem to leave about a foot in between... plenty of room, especially if everyone noses in and uses their sidestands. Then there's the handful of posers with their full touring bike setups, or Harleys that look like kitchen appliances, who park leaving a couple of feet to a metre either side. I copped a dirty look from one of the touring bike set when I scooted in between his bike and the other tourer and popped my little Gypsy on the centre stand.

    Before I got my park in the building I used to park in the bike section outside UniSA City West on North Terrace. There are about 12 parks but everyone used their brains and there would be anything up to 20 scooters or small bikes in the space. Everyone just left enough room to slip a leg in between bikes.