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Rant about our crap roads

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by paul_b, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. Went to Tassie for a week at the end of april and had a fantastic time. No scary moments for a whole week of spirited riding. Fast forward a month and a bit.... having only riden a couple of times around town since Tassie I go for a ride out on all my favorite roads only to find a severe lack of enjoyment!!

    Couldn't quite put my finger on it to begin with, then realised it was because I found myself tip-toeing around to many corners not knowing what to expect surface wise.

    Maybe it was the bump, sorry MOUNTAIN that nearly threw me off on Gembrook Launching Place Rd. Or was it the extra lot of shite they put down on Reefton since I had last been there?

    Tasmania's roads are so good! They put down good surfaces on all the windy roads even if they don't see that much traffic. That is their idea of safety. Over here we get a blackspot sign saying its cost $80k to throw some gravel across a few corners! Thank Mr Bracks and assiciates!!!

    Sorry for the length
  2. On the plus side, they(vic roads) can teach us all good habits such as riding well within limits to allow for that surprise mid corner. Or do a run through to check out the roads condition before having a "bit of a play". But it does spoil the fun when theres gravel along whole sections of road.

    I am planning to do Tassie at the end of the year and I dare say I will have the same opinion as you Paul when I get back. Anyone from tassie ridden on our roads and agree?
  3. Tassie Roads >>>>>>>>>>>>>> QLD Roads.

    The only thing you really need to keep an eye on down there is the road kill :D.
  4. lived at both ends of that beautiful state... and i never forget those roads... Plus if everything goes as planed I will be riding back for christmas to enjoy that emeral isle of tarmac fun again....

    I have found some slices of tasmania here in queensland... their mine! mine my precious....

    ok, one six pack and i'll draw you a map..
  5. Unless you guys from Vic and Qld have lived in sydney, you will never understand what crap roads are.
  6. Townsville is just a giant pot-hole. There is no street in townsville that is pothole free. The council's fix: add another top layer, until so much as the service pits on the road need a ladder to get down to.
  7. same surfaces, different situation.
    to design an application rate of binder for a road, the inital key factors are-
    Traffic Count = Vehicles/lane/day (VLD)
    Average Least Dimensions of Stone to be used = effective (not seive) size
    so, for example, lets say a road has 50 VLD, and we are going to chuck a 10mm (ALD=5.8mm) reseal on it.
    the design constant for this VLD is 0.23
    the ALD is 5.8
    0.23 x 5.8 = 1.334

    this gives you a Basic Binder rate of 1.35 L/m2 of road to make that surface stick.

    Data for VLD is given by those rubber snakes that go across the road, attached to a little box. hands up who hasnt fugged with one of them in their time?? :LOL:
    say i go there on my pushbike, and ride over it a couple times a day....so do my mates, because its cool.
    this bumps the VLD up to 100 VLD (there is fugg all step between 50-100.
    Now we get the following constant
    0.21 x 5.8 = 1.218
    which means 1.2 L/m2 of gooey black shit to make it stick.

    same road, but introducing a higher population area = a higher proportion of naughty kids/adults = 0.15 L/m2 difference in application rate.

    "aww, thats bugger all" you say-
    we have a 5% margin of error between a working pavement and a failing pavement.
    this simple fugging with the rubber snake countery thing has knocked our application rate back by ~11%

    this means pavement failure.

    solution?? get local councils to come up with a more accurate method of accumulating data about traffic volumes. like finding a homeless person with nothing better to do to sit and count? :grin:

    a side note, in high motorcycle usage areas - spurs - a bike will trigger the counter as a car. a car has far greater impact on road pavement design than a bike.

    the VLD constant is exponentially inversely proportional to VLD count, so, the more vehicles that travel the road, the less goo we use to make it work :)

    for the record, i am yet to make any of your roads, however the company i work for does make roads in TAS :p