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Rant about irresponsible, dangerous drivers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lefty, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. There seem to be lots of these on here, but I can't think of anything better to do with my anger and discontent at the moment... Is there a campaign I can join to delicense 50%+ of car drivers ?? :(

    Example 1

    Sunday arvo coming back from Williamstown I'm travelling along a single lane straight section of road. There's a 4WD following a reasonable distance behind and a 4-door sedan in front. The sedan indicates, slows and pulls into a drive way. I slow naturally a) because I don't want to become a door handle and b) because it's only single lane. I also move out towards the far right of my lane so I can slip past. As I go past I accelerate and wooosh, the 4WD comes speeding by my left-side. :shock: :mad:

    There are probably a couple of options which may have avoided this uncomfortable situation occurring (lane position and/or there was no on-coming traffic in the other lane), and perhaps I could have been less surprised if I'd been keeping a closer eye on the 4WD, who knows. I caught up at the lights and he wasn't doing more than 65 anyway. His reply... "Oh, he was turning left... and you slowed and were right out on the right-hand-side and I didn't know what you were doing." Terrific. You've just passed me illegally, you appear to be impatient and you apparently my slowing to avoid becoming a door handle doesn't make any sense to your two brain cells. Just having a bad day maybe?

    Example 2

    Travelling along Somerville Road up the hill towards the railway line. There's a cross roads where drivers frequently pull out and turn right either without looking or while praying they wont impact with oncoming trucks. I see a 4WD heading towards me in the opposite direction, he indicates, hardly slows and cuts right across the corner and the wrong lane of the side street. If there had been something in the side street he would have had a massive head-on. This bit is pure speculation, but it looked as if he was trying to turn before I came past (avoid waiting for me) and in the process decided to throw all reason and common sense out the window. :(

    I feel for the other road users who will loose their lives and/or be injured because of these cretins. I am angry that we still have cops and governments chasing experienced drivers for exceeding the speed limit by 5kph and other meaningless, revenue-raising offences which do nothing to improve road safety. I need a chill-pill because I'm getting worked up just writing this at the moment and it makes me sick to my stomach knowing the frequency of this misbehaviour. :cry:

    I will be looking closely at organisations like the MRA over the coming months to try and find ways in which I can help do something about this situation.
  2. If there is a club, i'm joining it!

    I was travelling back from the coast. Started pissing down with rain, traffic slows to about 40-60 in a hundred zone. Excellent, everyone is doing the right thing, driving to the conditions. I see flashing lights behind me in the distance, oh oh. I move over to the left of the road (in the cage) as the emergency vehicle is getting close, put my indicator on while driving a bit slower. The emergency vehicle is now two cars behind with space to move around, and the f#cken idiot behind me TRYS TO OVERTAKE ME!!!!! with an ambo trying to get around. Seriously, if you can't even see flashing lights in your mirror, you shouldn't be on the road.
  3. I see 'em all everyday. From the seriously unskilled who drive on the wrong side of the road on a mildly bendy stretch that has two and a half cars worth of space in both lanes, to the cashed up labourers in "performance" vehicles tearing down the road like it was a f1 race.

    Can't do much or anything about them, just worry about your self and keep your head clear!

  4. Yep


  6. So, he didn't know what you were doing, but chose to fly past inside you?! :shock:
  7. Yup. Nothing he said makes any sense with the available information. :roll:
  8. Well, I just got cut off by a car driven by some old dude turning right from the opposite direction. And get this... all the time making eye contact with me.

    I mean... ahhh bugger it. We expect it anyways. I gave him a one fingered thanks
  9. I had an old lady change lanes into my lane whilst i was riding right next to her drivers window. It's not like my bikes are quiet either, lucky i had enough power to jump in front as back wasn't the best option and there was a median strip to my right. Not even the horn stopped her.
  10. While we're all telling stories...

    I had a guy in 4WD pull out of a side street on my left (and turn left), without looking - i saw the back of his head as he pulled out! He did this about 20 metres from a set of lights where he stopped in the left lane. I had to emergency brake and missed him by a dime. As it happened, i wanted to turn left (it was a left turn only lane) and the arrow had gone green - he wanted to go straight so just sat there. After beeping at him, he just sat there, so i pulled up next to him and we had words. Or i should say he copped a serve for being completely blind and banking a up turning lane when he knew he shouldn't be there. Complete moron in suit obvious to the world. He opened his window a crack to tell me i should've had lights on. I told him to get out of his car and go look at the lights that were hardwired on! He politely declined, and chose to shut up and stare ahead.

    Another time i almost ended up being a car decal! I was watching a woman in a small hatch, and she was staring me in the face so i figured there was good chance she'd seen me. When she pulled out, the look on her face was priceless. Brown pants moment, as if she had've stopped i probably would have just clipped her. She did the right thing and stopped, but i just sat there, decided that i was not in the right mood after that to rationally talk to her, and buggered off before i abused her.

    Hey, people make mistakes and i can handle that. Ignorance is not an accident though.
  11. I've just taken to waring one of these on my daily commute:

    You should see how the traffic just turns and goes in the opposite direction. :grin:
  12. Try using your foot :twisted:
  13. good to see queanbehole as turned you evil mate :LOL:
  14. a good mate of mine ,who does a lot more k's than i do on his bike,has quite the collection of car door mirrors that he,s kicked off over the years, they take pride of place in his bar room and each one has a different horror story attatched.
  15. That's remarkably restrained of you, if it were up to me 90% of drivers would find themselves without a licence. :evil:
  16. honestly, i really don't know how half of you get into the trouble on the roads that you do, in 2 and a half years i have had only 2 incidents we unobservant cagers, and they were in the first 6 months of riding

    two things i have learnt is not to ride on one line but move around iwithin the lane

    and the other thing is don't give them the time to put you at risk, gear down and get the fudgen hell out of there, don't sit beside any motor vehciles, get past them as quick as you can
  17. :rofl: :roll:
  18. i'm going to give all of you a pass on this rant. Not nearly enough aggravation to score even a lowly single point on the richter rant scale.
  19. I take that approach sometimes, probably not often enough. There are two issues though: I'm on Probation for the next 2.5 years in Vic so I can accumulate less points before I loose my license and my bike is not exactly overpowered, although usually I can leave most vehicles far behind at the lights (not difficult the way most people accelerate.) So sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. I'd be more willing to get the 'fudgen hell out of there' otherwise. :twisted:

    I have a feeling with this hot weather I'll be zipping around cages more often anyway.
  20. +1
    If we didn't live in a state where 3km over the limit ends you with demerits and couple hunge outta pocket.