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Rant about cyclists in Melbourne.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Omecle, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. Now, don't get me wrong... I usually go out of my way to make cyclists feel a bit more comfortable on the road. But what happened to me yesterday just proved how fcuking stuck up a lot of them are on the roads in the city.

    So, I had been offered a lift into the city. We stop at the lights at the top of Collins Street and I decide I'll get out and catch a tram or train to Flagstaff area. So I get out at the lights and I nearly hit a cyclist -- my bad, I was very apologetic and he was alright and moved on.

    So I wait a bit and I start to get out -- no cyclists coming. Then suddenly some Irish prick on a bike starts abusing the hell out of me, so of course I retaliate and it makes things a bit worse (let's just say after pushing me, he is now up for around $100-$200 for a new wheel).

    This is when things just went too far. I can understand if it's just some asshole that has nothing better in his life than to abuse other people over the most trivial things, but not when you have every cyclist on the road (and off) thinking he was in the right and start having a go at me. Non of them were even there or even saw what had happened.

    Are cyclists in the city really that moronic and stuck up that they have a thing against cars or other people on the road? I mean, seriously, what the hell... I did absolutely nothing wrong -- I apologized to the guy I nearly hit and I had ever right to step out of the car (by the way, the bike lane hadn't started til a few meters after the car).

    Ugh! /end rant

    Also that day I nearly got run off the road by a cop car that was speeding and not looking where he was going. -_-; Oh and I nearly run off a motorbike because he wasn't looking when he was dodging through the traffic on the freeway.

    Is it just me, or were the roads REALLY bad yesterday? I mean, I could see so many people doing the wrong thing...

    I guess a topic: What are your views on cyclists in the city? And cop cars that don't look at the road and nearly run you off it?
  2. Look, I can understand the cyclists using the roads and promoting the use of them to get around. That’s al fine and dandy.

    But many of these inner-city Quarterwits don’t have the faintest idea of the road rules, especially the younger female types that ride around, it seems. They’ve no idea of your field of vision in a car, no idea of your braking distances and how you can avoid them, and absolutely no idea on the most basic of road rules. (I’m thinking about right of way at stop signs)

    Glad you broke his back wheel, stupid Irish git. Other riders coming to his defence isn’t anything surprising, a similar thing would happen in a motorbike accident.
  3. If you did nothing wrong, what did you have to apologise for? If you got out of the car while in traffic, without looking to see if anything was coming then you totally deserved the spray from the rider you nearly knocked down.
    The guy who just decided to take up the arguement, well he should just be told to f#ck off and mind his own business! Just be careful, because if you damaged my bike in an arguement I would send you to hospital!
  4. You're such a man Triway!
  5. What would you do if someone damaged your motorbike? Just say "oh, thanks for that"? :roll:
  6. I apologised to the guy I nearly hit, because I should have looked. But my main concern was that some other guy was abusing me and other cyclists that hadn't even seen what had happened decided to join in.

    I have no sympathy for anything that happened to this abusive moron. He could have handled the situation a lot better and not end up with a busted wheel.

    He seemed to have backed off when you mention the word abuse...
  7. I can understand them being angry in general, but yeah assault type road-rage is pretty nuts.

    Bike-lanes are even better when there's a motor involved :twisted:
  8. Can I just ask, why you think they have a right to be angry? As far as I know, I have every right to jump out of my car, even if a bike lane is there.
  9. They're just generally angry people IMHO. It comes - no doubt - from being constantly bullied by drivers of heavier vehicles (gee, doesn't that sound familiar?) but not being able to do much about it.

    That doesn't excuse the very widespread ignorance of the rules and contempt for other road users that many of them display. Motorcyclists may not be paragons of virtue when it comes to the legalities, but as a group we don't tend to go out of our way to inconvenience others the way the new breed of cyclist does.

    I should say my experience is only of inner city cyclists, and I suspect many of them have never held a license. I've decided to just get used to it. It's the new world order, methinks.
  10. Umm as far as I am aware no you don't. As far as I am aware it is illegal to open your door while you are in traffic.

    And let's ignore "right" for just a moment, and look at being a polite individule. Let us also ask do you split on your motorbike? How would you react if someone opened a door causing you issues while splitting?

    Now I am not defending others for getting involved in something they knew nothing about. But as soon as you talk about your "right" when you are endangering others I have to say it's time to pull your head in. Stick with your OP where you said sorry.
  11. complaining about other cyclists arking up that you damaged the irish prick's bike is a bit rich mate.

    What would you be thinking if you saw some bloke just going off at a motorcyclist and kicking his bike to the ground.

    Ive got no time for people who get agressive for no reason (irish guy) but also have little respect for anyone who damages someones property and especially goes online and whinges/gloats about it.

    i give you the thumbs up for appologising to the original cyclists though. lets all do our headchecks and hopefully next time it wont be one of us getting clotheslined
  12. First of all, to Falcon-Lord:

    I'm not riding a motorbike yet, so I've never lane splitted before. I still don't see anything wrong -- I endangered one person and I said sorry and both of us were cool about it. The second time I got out of the car I didn't endanger anyone -- it was just some guy that came up JUST to start something. (By the way, if it wasn't clear, we were stopped at the lights on the very left hand lane, where the gutter is). I still believe that I'd have a right to step out of my car in that position (there was no moving traffic except for that one bike).


    The other cyclists weren't even aware that the Irish guy's bike was damaged in any way. It was just their way to let out on a cager. I feel I had every right to defend myself from a guy that pushed me into my own car (and scratched it mind you), whether that be pushing him back and kicking his bike so that he'd move on. He was a very aggressive person, and I mean very.

    I'm not gloating about it, I am just ranting about how pathetic and trivial the situation was and if anyone had ever been in a similar situation. To be honest, I had a huge respect for cyclists in the city, but the fact that they all seem to have it out for the rest of the people on the road just became evident yesterday. Generalisation I know, but I'm just basing it from all the other cyclists that were there.

    (By the way, I'm sure it wouldn't be "one of us" getting clotheslined, seeing as it's illegal for motorbikes to ride in the cyclist lane)
  13. Granted, some of them certainly seem to have some sort of "I'm better than you" attitude thing going on.
    It's not at all uncommon to see them riding three abreast in the Adelaide hills on single lane 100kmh roads with a dozen frustrated drivers backed up behind them doing 20kmh up a hill.
    Stupidly dangerous. Do they move over? No.

    In times like this I sometimes have an uncontrollable urge to slap their lycra clad arses with a gloved hand on the way past.......
    There's enough angst on the road already without that crap.
  14. I drove the car in and dropped my wife off at work this morning. Two cyclist incidents. One, I'm in the inside lane on Royal Parade and I was over to the left (a motorcycle had come up on the tram side and I moved over to let him pass). A couple of minutes later, the traffic hadn't moved and this cyclist came up and I got a round of abuse because he couldn't fit between the car and the plantation there (there was plenty of room for him to get past on the other side). Although there's both a cycle lane and a cycle path on the southbound side of Royal Parade I don't know why he was there (and no he wasn't turning right because I saw him later on)

    A little while later, I'm heading up Little Lonsdale Street (a narrow one-way street for all you non_melburnians) when a clown on a bicycle turns the wrong way into it and I have to brake to avoid a head on with him. (He also came against the red). Again I got an earful of abuse. That's the third time I've encountered idiots going the wrong way in the "little" streets. Twice I've had to brake hard so they weren't hit.

    I thing the CBD puts out some sort of brain-deadening field that affects cyclists, taxis and pedestrians so that the closer they get the more of their brain cells stop working. I don't see anywhere near the amount of stupidity other places - well maybe excepting taxis.
  15. They do that because if they move over, someone drives past at 100 too close and runs them off the road and sometimes into a barrier. For them, it's safer to have you change lanes to overtake. Yeah, it slows you down but you can do 100. In the long run it's minutes at 20kph then the rest at 100kph.

    On the OP:
    Opening a door on a cyclist or motorcyclist is a massive no-no. No one enjoys riding along and suddenly doing a flip onto their head. If you have to take a little *verbal* abuse for being in the wrong, it's small punishment. Being pushed IS going too far though.
  16. True, believe me, I know, but 3 abreast is illegal, 2 abreast is OK.
  17. I think once we install a bicycle rego system like in Japan and are able to give fines it'll solve most of the problem of arsehole cyclists. (albeit over there only for parking.)

    It's a pity that the rest of the bicycling community has to put up with these jackasses.

    I think part of the problem is that d!cks on bikes aren't held accountable for what they do, so eventually they think it's a god given right to be able to do whatever they do wrong.

    I guess the same goes for any human being...
  18. Umm no, in the long run it's a blind corner a car from behind a couple of dead or injured cyclists. According to the ATSB figures

    The most common type of crash in which cyclists were fatally injured was the cyclist being hit from behind by a motor vehicle travelling in the same lane in the same direction. Cyclists riding on rural roads are particularly at risk of being run over from behind. From 1996 to 2004, there were at least 58 cases where a cyclist was run over by a motor vehicle coming from behind.


    In over 60 per cent of crashes, the cyclist was deemed to be ‘responsible’ for the action that precipitated the fatal crash.

    I think that report should be mandatory reading for all cyclists as it busts a few of the myths they have about responsibility for deaths.
  19. Ah!

    In that case, run down rider number 3 and leave no. 1 and 2 alone. :)