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Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. In case anyone's blind, user rankings are now active :)

    1 or more posts = Newbie
    20 or more posts = Lurker
    50 or more posts = Regular
    250 or more posts = Addict
    400 or more posts = Post Whore
  2. Some of us are rank enough :p
  3. hmmm.. for a site that doesnt like using bandwidth it 's sure doing a good job of promoting post whoring.. hehehe.. jk

    well wat can i say.. of to post more from now on!
  4. Bandwidth usage from such things as large graphics, big filesize avatars, etc is not the same as promoting (which wasn't the intention of the ranks) more usage and communication between existing and new users. :)
  5. I like that idea, Jason. In real life I'm almost a hermit. The internet lets my imagination run wild and there's not one person that doesn't know about me. In real life nobody cares if I live or die but here it would be a big deal.
  6. hmmm
    now these are posted, me thinks that there will be constant revisions
    I have seen a few posters here who could have a 1000 in a year or so....
    whaddayged for the 'mille'...??? :LOL: