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Range Rover Runs Over Bikers

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Kargo, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. found this video earlier today...

    apparently one of the guys that got run over died.

    Gotta say the biker was pretty stupid for cutting the car off and trying to force it to slow down by braking a meter in front of it.

    The dude in the car must have been pretty intimidated when 100+ bikes stopped around him after he hit the guy. Probably panicked and thought i better get the F outa here and then ran over everyone.

  2. Wow what the fcuk russia
  3. WTF! The video ends at the best bit! :mad:
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  4. Yeah dude, partner watched it and said before he ran over everyone someone tried reefing him out of the car :)

    Poor guy, but poor bikers... Lose-lose. I know if I saw that in my rear-view though I'd do everything I could to get the hell outta there.
  5. Do they not wear gear over there?
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  7. Yeah he shouldn't have run them over, dumb squids thinking they're tough ****s shouldn't brake checked him, then cut him off and surround his car. Everyone in that video is fcuking stupid. Bet if he hung around they would have beat the shit out him anyway.
  8. Regardless of what they were wearing the outcome wouldn't have changed.
  9. I looked at it again a few times and I don't think the first guy the Rover ran over was brake checking. I'm not certain, but I can't see his brake lights coming on.
  10. Quote from the vid website
    ""there is no excuse for this driver using his vehicle as a deadly weapon ,it's a very sad day for the motorcycling community ""

    Hear Hear
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  11. I'm pretty sure there's more to it than what's in that edited (cut at both ends) video. Even before the first guy was hit they were crowding the Rover badly and blocking traffic. Some other comments on the video site suggest the driver might have been afraid for their life from the beginning, or that they may have already done something to provoke such attention ... we can't tell from the limited clip. An incident like that would be sure to stir up a news report, but I haven't been able to find one so far.
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  12. +1, you do never know- that's why I don't watch news, it can all be edited and taken out of context :)
  13. Just out of interest I was sent a link to this from a vic pol member .So I put the question to him .Murder or manslaughter his reply was "I believe it should be murder he new exactly what he was doing ..but it will be manslaughter because he didn't go out for a drive with the intent to kill someone "

    Take that as you find it his OP only .
  14. that was really disturbing to watch no one wins, think i might watch it again
  15. However the Laws in NYC differ from Victoria.
    The have specific Laws for Homicide and Manslaughter where a vehicle is involved.
  16. That incident is messed up, I just watched it on LiveLeak and tried to google a news report but couldnt find one. It disturbs me that in the comments on LL everyone hates bikers and wished more were run over. Yes the bikers are dickheads, but being a dickhead doesn't justify mowing someone down! you cant draw accurate conclusions from the video as its cut in weird places.

    I myself have seen (and known) car drivers that get angry at bikers even if they arent in groups and drive aggressively, tailgate them and cut them off just coz they get so fcuking angry. As Dark Angel said Im not sure if the first guy that got hit was brake checking him anyway. If I was on a group ride and saw a friend get hit and the guy try and do a runner initial instinct would be chase after them, tho they should have just used the cam to get his plate and report him.
  17. I'm sorry but that is just fcuking stupid of the idiot in pulling in front of the Range Rover. There is no way in hell the RR is going to pull up - it might as well be a semi trailer. That is suicide!

    A friend at uni 30 years ago questioned my riding bikes - "a car is metal protecting flesh, but on a bike you are flesh protecting metal" - words I have never forgotten.
  18. Nobody's arguing that those squids weren't riding like dickheads. Most of them absolutely were being total fools. Does that entitle a car driver to deliberately mow them down? I don't think so.
    Actually knowing what was going on before the cut video would give a clearer picture of the overall event, but the driver clearly chose to run over several riders. The question is, why? Were they trying to escape after an unintentional collision or were the riders already swarming the car because of a previous incident (or just being retarded squids) and was the first one we saw deliberate or an accident? We can't tell.
    Swarming the car was a stupid thing to do. More than one rider had a go-pro or equivalent so they COULD have just got the car, plate and driver's face on camera, called the cops and then shadowed them till the police came.
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  19. How do we know the driver of the RR was a Guy? What if this was a woman with this type of intimidation.

    Also the RR was stopped, then took of again after something had happened what if a gun was pulled on the driver?

    Don't get me wrong it is pretty disturbing to think that someone would just run over another person, but I think more of what really happened will follow.
  20. Yes thanks mate agree . Just his option looking at it from here .

    And also , if your riding or driving and you hit someone from behind 99% of the time you would be at fault ,I agree the rider put himself in a unsafe situation but no excuses for the driver to deliberately run him down