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Range on a CBR250R

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by boosted2000, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    Anyone know the average k's a CBR250R will give you with a full tank, mine was down to the reserve on Saturday night after only 200 k's from the last fill.



  2. Well that would depend on how you ride it of course, if you are treating the road like a race track then you will obviously get a lot less K's. But you should probably be getting a few more K's than that on your 2fiddy is everything running well or a bit out of tune?
  3. Sounds about right, RR's get anywhere from 180-250.
  4. Yeah I think I used to get about 220 per tank, inc most of the reserve, and that was rather spirited riding. :)
  5. yeah, what they all said, mine gets the same range...

    Although when I was heading to and back from GP, I got about 230-240 before I hit reserve, and that was with a load on the back, but mine had been 'retuned' too... :twisted:
  6. haha, i get 350-400km on a 16 litre tank on my Hyo! :p
  7. i bet your hyo doesnt rev till the moon and back either :wink:
  8. Do not use a range on a CBR250R. A griller or electric hotplate is fine and you'll get away with a small oven or microwave, but a range (especially the ones with the wok burners) will fry your electrics, boil your coolant, burn your valves and cook your tyres.
  9. Now Mark... thats just silly :p
  10. Hey,

    I have a CBR250R. I dont know if this is the case for all, but i get 180kms from my tank (without using the reserve).

    The reason why i know this, is because i've ran out of fuel before. The weird thing is, it only took 10L's to top it back up... which contradicts the manual - which states it's a 13L tank and a 1L reserve. But then again, i fill my bike whilst it's on the kickstand - which means it requires less fuel before it starts overflowing.

    I usually ride by CBR pretty hard (ie it's usually above 10000rpm) - and i usually warm it up for about 5~10mins before each ride