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randy_rider is down

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by randy_rider, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. Hi all!
    Had a major stack on tuesday morning.
    I was riding down mickleham rd , southwards, toward greenvale drive intersection. There was a car in front of me turning left into greenvale drive, I was continuing along mickleham rd.

    Suddenly, a woman in an old ford pulled out of greenvale drive doing a right hand turn. (accross my path) obviously she had not seen me.

    I slammed the brakes on, she saw me and stopped, but she was already right accross the lane. I hit her car at about 50km/h, bounced across the bonnet, then rolled about 5 times before I came to a stop.

    My whole body was screaming in pain, I didn't know what to hang on to.
    luckily the car following me was a nurse, and she was able to oranise help calmy.

    I don't know why the fireys turned up, but they did, along with police and ambos. They had to cut a glove off me cos it was too painful to pull off, the ambos took my jacket off, gave me the green whistle and shipped me out of there.

    Ive just come home from hospital this arvo, but I'll be back next week.
    * ruptured and damaged rh knee ligaments.
    * Broken rh wrist
    * I dont know what state the bike is in, but I'd bee surprised if it isn't a writeoff.
    * Be off work for at least a month possibly two.
    * Draggins cargoes have a small tear in one pocket
    * Jacket is unmarked
    * Glove had to be cut off,
    * Helmet on has a minor scratch, but of course, I'll replace it.

  2. well done!! :shock: not a bad way to have your first off, going down in style 8)

    seriously tho, hope all works out well. sounds like you've got some recovering to do, but the main thing is that you get back out there and keep going. i take it the lady stopped and will therefore be paying for all of this?

    chicks dig scars 8)
  3. wow. sorry to hear that happened to you. are you coping ok? hope you have a quick recovery and everythig sorts out ok with the insurance, etc. -J.
  4. Wow, not good, but at least its not worse....

  5. geez mate sorry to hear about your off. Glad to hear you are mostly ok.

    All the best for a speedy recovery, and hopefully the bike isn't too bad or can be repaired

    Cheers Stewy
  6. :shock: :(

    Geez Randy_rider...what bad luck...Glad to her you're OK.
    Take it easy and mend well...hope to see you around soon.

  7. MAN! :shock: You sure know how to do things, don't you Randy! :shock:

    I'm glad to hear you are relatively OK. How's your bike?

    Heal well and quickly....take care with your knee cos they can be a real PITA if you don't let them recover properly.

    :D :D :D
  8. Geez man - good to hear you're OK. The bike is replaceable, you're not.

    Do you know if Mr Plod charged the woman with Neg Driving ? I gues you won't be able to make the Twisties ride then......

    Get Well soon :)
  9. "Not sure what state the bike is in..."

    Dude! What sort of biker are you? The first question you ask is "how's the bike?" :LOL:

    Sounds like a cracker of a stack. Bloody harsh luck there. Still, you're alive and you'll heal. The worst part is going to be all the "told you so's" from the w@nkers who were singing the "bikes are so dangerous, you're gonna kill yourself" song when you started riding...

    Here's hoping a broken wrist doesn't stop you from sticking up a pertinent finger!

    Hope you're back on the road soon
  10. sorry to hear about your accident and i hope you get better soon.

    so now that you've had this off i was wondering would this make you wear more protective gear in the future? perhaps some knee/shin guards? glad you were wearing jacket/pants/gloves could've been alot worse. and lucky i think it was over the bonnet instead of through the passenger windows. 50km/h impact is pretty scary stuff!
  11. :shock: Sorry to hear this mate. That would have to hurt! I'm glad you're still with us and hope you recover quickly.

    Thank god for nurses eh. :)

    Don't worry about the bike. It can be replaced. You and I can give each other moral support for the time spent without it. :D
  12. Jeez.... Hope it all heals soon, also hope you get a real kool scar :twisted:

    That way it adds extra "oooo" factor when you tell the grandkids.

    Those Draggin Jeans are good stuff eh.

    Anything I can do to help, give us a bell (although slightly hamperred by Bass straight :? )

  13. Sorry to hear about your off.
    I wish you a speedy recovery and we see you back in the saddle soon.
  14. Hope you have a speedy recovery randy.

    I've been extra careful receently because I want to go to Phillip Island.
  15. Bugger! But it sounds like you dismounted very stylishly (5 barrel rolls with tuck and pike, degree of difficulty 9.9 :wink: )

    I hope you make a speedy recovery, and are back on 2 wheels very soon.
  16. man that rally sucks get mended soon and hopefully your bike is okeyely dokeley ok as well hope she has her insurance piad up?
  17. Glad to see your still here to write about it mate, do you happen to remember what your first word was when you realised it was going to hurt, was it Darn or Heck?
  18. Thanks for your thoughts.. My first words were "NNNEEEEYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! NNNYYRERRRAAAAH!"

    I could see 'ling ling' lying down after the stack, so she must have been hurt too!

    I met a Ducatti nut in there, he and his two best mates went in together and bougth three matching ducattis with serial numbers one digit difference. they were so exited by that they rod them to perth and back!

    As for scar, the worst I'll have is from some minor grazing on the knees. No-one would beleive you'd been in an accident with so few scars!

    As for being a real biker, let me ask you this..
    If a nurse was holding you down and ordering you not to move would you move?? ;-)
  19. Glad to see the humour didnt fall out .....
    Hope you be back up and running soon, sorry to hear about that right hand turn B*****ks again, I been really careful with intersections but i guess it just happens.
    let us all know how your going with it all and about the lady driving the car too, what can be done about her ?

    Take it easy..
  20. Bugger.....stookie says please see above as its his words not hornets.
    The guys been here for 3 days and he has the audacity to log himself into my computer, I better go check my jock drawer ?