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Random thought

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nobby, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. When I was a young bloke I used to reckon I grew taller and lost a few kilo's the minute I planted my arse on a bike? Me and my mates, we were gods, kings of the street, we were phuk'n indestructable ....

    I'm 58 now, and a lot of those mates have gone, cancer, heart attack and old age took some, wheels disease got others. The Horsemen get us all eventually..

    but you know what; when I plant my arse back on my motorbike . . . .
    age means jack shit! I still grow a little taller and I still shed a few kilo's, but most of all .. I feel alive and I'm lovin it....
  2. Couldn't have been said any better mate. I certainly share your sentiments re feeling alive, though I wish I grew taller - stuck on 5'10" (y)
  3. Again, well said. I'm not bad in the height/weight department but it certainly gives you that 'extra something' doesn't it? Love blasting to work, cutting and filtering at leisure and watching everyone turn their heads as I go by. Its a magnificent feeling, riding.

    Not much beats riding a bike.

    Cheers - boingk
  4. My sentiments exactly, but as for the losing weight thing, well theres way to many great coffee shops along the way on a Sunday ride for that.
  5. Agree, agree agree....
    As a late starter, I do get that mid life crisis bullsh&t...
    More like FREEDOM AND ME TIME!

    Honestly to me, on a bike and looking at the road ahead is the closest thing to flying through the air a few feet off the ground.
    Don't know how many times on a day ride, I've said to myself, fk it, don't go back just keep on going.
    Motocycling Forest Gump really appeals to me!
  6. I would definitely agree with the loving and alive feeling that I get from riding a bike. I get in my own world and I would have to say after having a nasty accident this year all I could really think about was getting back on the bike and hitting the road - no pun intended. My fiance is starting to understand why and how I am so addicted to riding bikes and now she is considering getting one to ride with me.
    I'm 6'1" so all that smoking when I was younger didn't manage to stunt my growth.
  7. Couldn't agree more - needs to be made up into a motivational poster.
  8. It stunted mine..I'm 6'2"..I could have been 8' if I didn't start smoking!!
  9. Good on you mate, very well said!
  10. When I was younger, riding bikes certainly made me shed kilos. Not so much from a psychological POV, but more because I was usually so skint that questions like "Do I buy a secondhand tyre or do I eat this week" tended to arise rather frequently :D.
  11. Sadly, I don't remember it being as difficult back then getting my guts over the tank and my head in behind the screen.....

    I know bikes were bigger back then:angel:
  12. Onya nobby.

    Growing up is mandatory, growing old is optional. Riding keeps ya young at heart.
  13. Epic quote. I like !!

    That should certainly be put in your signature to remind us all every so often!
  14. I still have all my gear from those far off days. Trouble is, it all seems to have shrunk :D.
  15. I did a school reunion back in February this year. Most of us are in the 52 - 53 region. From a group of around 60 - 70 guys, we believe that only about 4 have passed. Unfortunately that number will start to rise exponentially faster in the next few years. If it feels good, keep doing it.:jerk:
  16. I know exactly where you're coming from.
    I'm 51, 5'4" & 80kg, but when I'm on the bike, I'm 25, 6'2" & 70kg!!:)
  17. Yeah mate...I'm with ya! There's a bit of life left in me yet!
    I just wish I knew what I know now, when I was 25, but I guess, we all have to grow from the experience - something we would'nt do if we did'nt live through it all - good and bad.

    Cheers! :)

  18. Pleased to see you made the right choices Pat...:)

  19. I'm not entirely sure that a concrete Roadrunner with the profile worn square and a nail in it could be described as a right choice :shock:;D.
  20. Yea well said man, although if i were to grow much taller than 6"2 or even feel like iv grown i might look funnier than i already do on my tiny little rvf400 xD