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Random thought on video games and motorcycling

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Vertical C, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. So random thought.

    FPS shooters might teach our brains to look at the danger because when we play FPS you need to look at the danger to shoot them effectively. Teaching you to look at the danger will increase your risk of target fixation when on the motorcycle.

    Therefore FPS users are less safe riders.


    Btw i am not real serious about the above. Just a random thought. Wonder if other games make you less likely to target fixate.
  2. Maybe should have posted in riding techniques but it is a bit of bs.
  3. I've been playing "Ride" and "MotoGP15" a lot lately. They may give you a little reward for choosing your lines through corners and that type of thing but I don't think they would be an effective simulator for real life situations.

    Particularly the way I use other bikes like dodgem cars!! lol :)
  4. I don't play video games and I target fixate just fine.
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  5. I play BF4 a lot, it doesn't seem to cause target fixation but there a times when I want to drop a C4 pack on some rude bastard in traffic.

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  6. I did think that the arcade car racing like Burnout and Need for Speed would be better for anti target fixation as you are taught to race through traffic and look for the gap. Even when cars are crashing around you

    Thats anti target fixation i think
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  7. New random thought.

    How would i get government grant to pay people to play video ganes to test it.?
  8. Frogger taught me how to lane split
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  9. Just tell the government that your study will stop gay terrorists from jumping on boats and coming here to build windmills!!!!!
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  10. whats wrong with windmills?
  11. lol

    or we could get a vacant car park, some paint ball guns and have you ride through and shoot at you... evry hit = 1 beer,(Latte for Duc owners).... Work your reflex, peripheral vision and flick-ability,

    actually that sounds like fun! Whom would I send a grant application to!
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  12. Tony don't like them, they pollute the landscape......
  13. Tony doesn't like much does he
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  14. Likes the church apparently, not too sure if he likes Charles Darwin however...........
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  15. Flipside of the target fixation, something like Mirrors Edge where you are free running everywhere, look at a wall instead of beyond it and you hit the wall.
    Except when church disagrees with him...
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  16. Maybe find out if there is a person called Grant who works at the government who plays random thoughts for ganes on video test.

    Is this post for real?
  17. Just as useful as half the crap from the MUARC
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  18. Boobs don't count.
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  19. do in my book
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  20. does Tony like Boobs?