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Random Red Switch

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Tam0h, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. So after taking the fairings off to change the oil filter, I found a small red switch just under the handlebars on the frame. I can't figure out what it does at all. It's not a killswitch, doesn't do anything with lights and such. Looks as though its wired directly into the battery and one wire is going somewhere else I can't see..A little scared to keep taking things off my bike to find it as I'm pretty new to this. Any ideas?

  2. Pic?? Unless its a jump point and not a switch, or maybe if it is used, the previous owner had some accessories or a kill switch connected.
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  3. Fairings are back on and its a bit late to pull em off but yeah
  4. 13695893_1732479227004570_550256636_n.
    It didn't post the first time my bad
  5. It's an aftermarket switch and my guess it was for lights or some cheap heated grips etc.
  6. I'll have a look around next time I have to take the fairings off. But for now it doesn't seem to do anything noticeable when the bikes on and it doesn't stop it from starting so who knows aha.
  7. I would be looking for a relay possibly near the battery and if you can hear it activate when you flick the switch.
  8. It's for the ejector seat.
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  9. OK, a bit more helpful, as Tweet noted, it's aftermarket. Also, those wires look pretty low amperage, so I'm guessing it's not a kill switch. It may go off to a relay, but it might have been for heated grips that were removed.

    Was the bike owned by someone of a different cultural background before? If so, I'm guessing it used to have some LED show type lights.

    Pull the side fairing and tank. It might seem bit daunting now, but if it does, then it means you need the practice. Taking those items off a bike should be like lifting the bonnet on car.
  10. switch for the flux capacitor?
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  11. Its for the Cone of Silence
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  12. looks like a NOS button
  13. thermo fan switch?
  14. Enable/disable for chick magnet
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  15. It's for arming the missiles.
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  16. If it was a BMW, I'd say it was the "invade Poland" switch.
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  17. I think its for blocking police radars or for switching your numberplate to a fake one :).

    But seriously it looks like one from Jaycar and I dont know how waterproof it is, so it might be worth removing if you can.
  18. When you turn it on does a light turn saying "Please to not turn this switch on again?" ;)
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  19. I'm thinking After-Burner now.
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  20. Flip-up numberplate?