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Random question for netrider, music video - Perfect

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, May 2, 2011.

  1. Was having a beverage last night at the local and they were playing 80's and 90's music vids. One came on, the song was called perfect and the video featured people making fools of themselves, getting into accidents and all sorts of stuff, many of them were sport related. Does anyone know the artist?

  2. do you recall any lines at all from the song?
  3. no, sorry.
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  5. Did it go:
    "It's got to bee-ee-ee, Perr-fect
    It's got to bee-ee-ee, Worth it
    Too many people take second best,
    But I won't take anything less..."

    If so, it was "Fairground Attraction" iirc.
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    there's lots of shitty perfect songs, but you won't know until you hear it, as it might have been a different video clip than their originial, so here's all the ones i could find:

    [media=youtube]ocDlOD1Hw9k[/media] (f*cking perfect)
    [media=youtube]GXxbC0B_74s[/media] (perfect two)
    [media=youtube]Rf3C6rLwK0Y[/media] (perfect day)
  7. You do recall correctly - Pity they were such a short lived band. Eddi Reader is one of my all time favourite female vocalists
  8. that's the one. unfortunately the proper video is not the one that was played at the pub. oh well. /thread