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random pic topic!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by doodlebug, May 14, 2008.

  1. im bored and quite a random kinda bloke, so lets see your.. umm.......... crashed bikes? yeah lets see some crashed bikes! ill start

    my old zx6r

    my old zx6r after a van introduced itself!

    come on lets see some more carnage


  2. The aftermath shots are always a bit boring with mine (bike is always fine), but here's an action shot.

  3. wah hahahaha, thats awesome!
  4. :shock:
    This is one topic I hope to never post to :p
  5. You just did :wink:
  6. I stacked a GIXXER 750 last night :shock:


  7. lol, Tourist Trophy addict by any chance??
  8. Not really. Its not challenging enough :(
    Good for a quick blast though :grin:
  9. yeah i never really got into tourist trophy, at the same time that came out so did TT superbikes, that took all of my PS2 time lol
  10. The day a legend known as the "spud" was born on the black spur.
    That ditch was 2 metres deep and this was taken after 30 minutes of digging it out.
    Amazingly only the tank suffered a small dent.
    It landed on some very soft soil.