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Random Motorbike Videos

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by ResmeN, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. Here's a couple to start things off


    Ghost Rider vs Police part 2

    Ghost Rider 3 - Elevator (Goes Crazy in Europe)

  2. Ghost Rider vids never get old. Here's two random bike vids:

  3. I'd take ghost rider over the stig or others anyday.
    TT and dirt bikes was a nice watch.
  4. good shit deadsy
  5. love the Superretards
    they posted up a few, will try and find the others.
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  7. Awesome, but "through"?
    Looked more like "over" to me... =D>
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    an older Superretard one> [URL="
    tards NYC > [URL="
  9. The idea behind this thread was a good one. Let's keep it alive.

    Beige friendly, he wears a bright yellow jacket.

    NOT beige friendly!
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    ok, this one is a favorite :)
    in Austraya, motorcyclists greet each other with a passing nod. warm, fuzzy feeling of acknowledgment... especially for noobs, best feeling when other riders give you nod when you first get out there.
    in Europe, they take it a bit further than that. this video explains what is customary ,if you are ever lucky enough to ride through the Alps > [URL="
    I understand that some of our members here are also of European descent.. so for example, if you were ever to meet Smee on a ride, this is how he would expect you to greet him
  11. :rofl:
    I'm crying - that is THE most AWESOME vid! Skipping back across the road just makes it.
  12. They even had time for an ethnic wedding dance, awesome. Felt the riderly love.
    If I ever see you on a ride we have to do that, deal? What's a nod when you can do that.
  13. I'll be down your way in November-ish, and I'll hold you to that Res!
  14. It's a deal, in the meanwhile I'll practice the choreography and once we've mastered it we'll do it on Australia's got talent :)
  15. funny if the idiot whent over with it
  16. They're idiots alright. The drop was near perfect and destructed nicely. Lucky it didn't hit the parked cars.
  17. They must be so PROWD,such skill
  18. The one with the blackbird, I actually exchanged a few words with that guy on youtube. It has a pipe and a piggyback box, tune, and that's about all.

    The descending Suzuki, I think, was meant to hit the cars. It missed.