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Random motorbike girl i see day to day

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by no_shame, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. I have a question for everyone here, girls and boys.

    On one of my regular walks around the city. It's mainly when i go between work and the gym after work in the arvo.

    When i walk to the gym, i see this very cute and attractive girl all kitted up in her gear, jacket, helmet in hand, backpack, jeans, and she's walking to her bike. No idea why, there's heaps of parking where i see her (collins st cnr william st).

    My question is, having never spoken to her, or never made eye contact, would it be wrong, concerning, off-putting or whatever if i approach her and ask her out for a drink / lunch / coffee or ride??

    Will she go compeltely nutters and start yelling at me in front of everyone? will she completely ignore me thinking i'm trying to sell her something from some charity mob??

    peoples thoughts on it?? bare in mind i'm quite average looking and she's pretty decent so i'd say she's outta my class but i really wanna talk to her. any advice / thoughts would be great. Thanks!
  2. Welcome! Just say hi and if there's something there, ask her out! The worst that can happen is she says no!
  3. Re: random motorbike girl i see day to day - fe&male hel

    at least your honest mate.

    in my experience bike chicks are exactly the same as any other women...now if only i knew anything about women
  4. You're a dick.

    If you get smitten with her just after looking at her for a bit it's a little creepy. No, a lot creepy.

    And besides, it sounds like my sister.
  5. Question is, are you man enough for a biker chick?
  6. i just said she was cute, i'm not following her, i just pass her every few days.

    so................................. is your sister single?
  7. :worthlesspics:

    city chick , quartewit's sister .... anyone i dont care
  8. If Marlon's sister looks anything like he does, you'll want to bring two large paper bags. One goes on her head, one goes on yours in case hers falls off. :grin:
  10. lol this is gonna be a good thread :popcorn:
  11. :rofl:
  12. Re: random motorbike girl i see day to day - fe&male hel

    Theres bike parking on the corner of collins and market - maybe she parks there.
  13. well judging by the paper bag comments it def isn't his (the other guy) sister... this girl would make any girl jump the fence and any gay man straight again...

    pics hey, wll i would if i didnt like girls and liked dropping the soap in jail...
  14. WHAT? ... i meant of this chick... not a naked man....my god... no
  15. What would you class as man enough for a biker chick? :)

  16. errrrrr, really bad mis-comm there...
    i meant becasue i dont want to go to jail i can't take pics... thats freakin strange... imagen if i just stood in front of her and took a photo...?
    wait, sounds simular to going to talk to her randomly...

    which brings me back to my first question, what if she goes totally nuts when i approach her?? should i be in my bike gear ready to boot off with an iderling bike near by???
  17. You've got no_shame, just say "Nice shoes, wanna F**k?"

    Let us know how that works out for you.
  18. :rofl:
  19. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that no_shame is actually the girl that is walking down the street each day. She is, in reality, quite ordinary looking, although she is very happy with how her butt looks in her new leathers (may be delusional). After many months without a date (see previous: delusional self image leading to too high standards), this is an ingenious :)roll:) way of drumming up some interest from some desperado's on here with more balls than the meek and mild fictitious character that made the OP.
  20. lol, how are you ever gonna ask a girl out if you havent already met her then?
    nothing wrong with just going up n saying hi, start a convo.
    if she goes nuts, i think she isnt the right girl for you anyway, unless u like em wearing the pants :wink: :LOL:
    and im assuming quaterwit is jsut being a dick himself, and having a joke. wtf is wrong with liking someone from what you see? theres nothing else yet to base a judgement on :roll:

    ask her out for a ride or something :grin: