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Random items found, free to good home!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by kravits, May 12, 2010.

  1. So I'm at home and hear this loud clanging sound of metal bouncing along the road. The motorcyclist in me has to investigate. So I found this huge chunk of metal in front of my driveway. Not only that but I start to look around to find all this other dangerous stuff lying in the road. Scary what's out there...


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  2. Start a sculpture in your front yard.
  3. Ah..Tradies!
  4. Mai verry good freind in Kazakstan is intrestd. Plese send 2
    1 Paddock Road
    Very poor town

    Please use paypal :rofl:
  5. Ah...uneducated pencil pusher :nopity:
  6. Sorry I only accept Western Union money transfers to my Swiss bank account.
  7. Well played :p

  8. Quote:
    Originally Posted by CFVFR

    So so wrong Pal![-(

    Ah Tradies, either their trailers have ****-all lights, or there's shite comin off the back of the ute:eek:wned:

    Back to the Newbie corner Bro!:p
  9. I see so much worse from normal people visiting the tip.

    'If I can just balance this precariously on top of it all, I won't have to make a 2nd trip!'
  10. Also true..but please let me have just a little fun with the Noob?


  11. I made a friend!
  12. you're 1 post away from 1000 :)