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Random Helpers.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Haysey, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. Have you ever had someone try to tell you that something is wrong with your bike?

    Story goes i was riding along Pacific Highway near chatty last night just before peak hour moving through the traffic... when this guy comes up behind me in an old shit Mitsu, flashing his lights and honking his horn... im like wtf so i pull into the left lane....
    He is like up beside me with his indicator on honking to get my attention.. so i look over and he is like pointing down and trying to look down at my wheels or engine or something (it was hard to concentrate because it was pretty busy on the roads) so im like trying to read his sign language and im like shit something must be wrong... So i pull off the road into a driveway, and he tries to aswell but too much traffic (i spotted a courier company logo on the side btw)...

    Thinking ive got a flat or a busted hose im looking over the bike, nothing is wrong, no low tyre pressures... nothing... its perfect... weird eh...

    Maybe he thought i had a flat, maybe he thought i was leaking something... dont know, and never will....

    So have you had anyone tell you that you have a flat or are pissing out fuel?

    I appreciate that people in cars occasionally know if something looks wrong, wouldnt want to be hitting your fav corner with a flat or gunning it when coolant is pissing on your tyre......

  2. Now think back very carefully to when you began your journey.

    Was there a pillion on the back?
  3. ^^ :LOL: lol @ syntor

    Haysey, he was probably just trying to kick your paranoia up a notch :wink:
  4. Usually if I forget to leave my indicator on. :p
    (Not that me leaving it on is a common or even uncommon occurance..)

    "What the hell is this guy on about?! I'm not doing anything wrong. Farkin' nutcase!"

    (Thirty seconds later)

    ".... oh. indicators. nevermind..."
  5. A couple of weeks ago whilst pulling into our street a mob of kids ran after me shouting: "ey mister, your back wheel's following your front".
  6. Had someone tell me one of my headlights was out :?

    And i've told another rider at night that his rear light was out. I was in the car and told him whilst alongside him at the lights.

    He was practically invisible without that rear light and dressed in all black.
  7. We used to consider it a great joke as kids to wave at cars and point to a wheel. You got real status if they pulled over to check... :LOL: :LOL:

    Perhaps this guy just never grew up.
  8. Yeah, someone in a car told me my tail light was out, for which I thanked him. And I followed a guy on a bike home one night (he lived just around the corner) to tell him his was. Approached him with care, no sudden moves, when he get home... ;)
  9. serial killer trying to abduct you?

    sorry, i just saw the movie zodiac.....that happened in the movie! lol
  10. Some guy in the city stopped beside me to tell my my bike smelt of petrol... *shrug* he was probably on about the 2T smoke, can't really miss petrol.
  11. Clearly he was trying to tell you that your pedals were missing
  12. You werent on a scooter at the time were you?
  13. was he pointing with his middle finger by any chance?
  14. A couple of cars the other day let me know the top box was a little violated and on the road...
    I think its a godo thing, over all if not including the wankers, Drivers do like it when you let them know the kids side door is open... then block the flow so they can pull over etc...
    I never know if maybe one day i will find out they are my kids :wink:
  15. I had a strange encounter on the way home from work a few weeks ago. I'm stopped in the through left lane about 5 cars back from the intersection. It was one of those days when cagers seem to be extra erratic and I was a bit tired - certainly not in the groove - so I was leaving plenty of space, just going with the traffic. No point filtering because I turn down a side street a few hundred meters further.

    A guy in a work ute of some sort pulls up in the left turn lane beside me, winds down his window and says something like "I ride bikes a lot. You're leaning over to the left. If you lean to right more you'll find you're braking better....."


    He drove off before I could answer.

    What he didn't know...

    I was tired and couldn't be bothered carving up the traffic.
    I was covering the rear brake more often than usual to active the brakelight because the pack in front and behind me were tailgating each other something cronic. Any need to stop or slow was going to be interesting by the time it got to me.
    The Ventura rack on the bike at the time (since removed, I don't use it - anyone want to buy a rack?) was slightly twisted to the right. Also the fairing was slightly tilted right (since fixed). Both because a minor drop the bike had before I bought it, no big deal. So I guess it might have looked like I was leaning left. Maybe I was.

    Maybe he was just being a good biker after all.
  16. some people point out there's something wrong with my bike, ie, THE GUY RIDING IT

    i get the only-one-headlight-is-working thing too

    then there's the people unfamiliar with two-strokes, who don't quite understand the smoke
  17. One thing I have noticed on my VFR800 is the number of times oncoming traffic has blipped me at night even though my lights are not on full beam. This has happened also to cars in front when they flash their rear break lights.
    Is this common?
    i mean, the lights are great but I do sympathise for those that are getting a substantial amount of light in their eyes. Its also dangerous.
    Anyone been in the situation where a bloody car will either wait 5 secs after seeing you to dip their lights when oncoming or those tossers that return to full beam before the pass you.
    Wanna take a hammer to their rear windows.

  18. Hitchcock moment? There's a gremlin on the swing arm?

    (I'm only guessing its Hitchcock btw)

    Humn , you cant say Hitchc0ck
  19. LOL at some of the responses in the topic!

    Genuine answer: Yup! Had a guy who pulled up next to me, honked and made funny twinkle twinkle little star gestures with his hands. I should have looked down at my indicators but all I thought at that time was “Eh? What’s this bloke on about? Is he angry with me for something I did?â€

    Like Spots, about 30 seconds later, I noticed the left indicator was blinking. Woopsy!

    Also taxi drivers have strangely enough been quite helpful and nice to me lately. One helped pick my bike up when I dropped Peaches a few weeks back, another gave me directions when I got lost, and one gave me the thumbs up when I was passing him on Anzac Bridge.

    I’m not complaining :D
  20. More often I feel like doing this to the wankers who drive with their wankerlights[tm][1] on in all conditions. This habit seems to be getting more endemic than ever amongst the soft roader and 'executive in lease car' crowds.

    [1] fog lights, daytime running lights(?), driving lights (some are bright enough).