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Random Breath Testing

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MVrog, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. Yesterday Afternoon, at 5pm, the Police set up an RBT operation on Macauley Rd. Kensington. This was a shock, as I didn't think that they did it in Peak Hour Traffic.

    I watched for a while.

    They did good business.

    Be warned.
  2. why would anyone on here need a warning?

    unless you think they might be over the limit?
  3. It happens, and we have probably all done it.
  4. They tend to set up in the morning peak on feeder roads or in the evening peak at this time of year.

    With the number of Christams break ups about to start the number of people who've had a couple too many means they'll do a brisk trade.

    Sunday & Monday morning is popular as many who hit the bottle the previous night will still be close to or over 0.05% at 9 am.
  5. I guess the best advice would be to just be a little bit organised this silly season and figure out how you'll get around if you plan on having a few drinks - i.e organising a lift or a cab, or to stay the night.

    everyone makes a choice whether or not to drive or ride.

    we don't want any more lives lost on the road.

  6. I just had 3 beers and I'm about to ride the mountain bike home from work!

  7. Somebody call a Cop. We have a criminal here.
  8. It's ok as long as he doesn't pedal too fast.
  9. too easy. i can pedal slowly at 70km/h if you want.
    just chuck it up a few gears :cool:
  10. A friend of mine was RBT'd on his pushy :grin: It is technically still an offence :p
  11. I will admit to drink driving and drug driving on occasions in the past. Have learnt my lessons thankfully not the hard way, and make sure I don't drive after having more than one or two drinks anymore... besides now I am married the wife is my designated driver :LOL:
  12. Guys, just bear in mind that it is possible to still be over the limit the following morning depending how much you've indulged the night before.
  13. ...or if you eat my mum's xmas cake with brandy sauce.
  14. Great! So your mum's inviting us to Xmas lunch then?


    i'm not home for xmas anyway so nerrrrrrrrrrr.
  16. have have been there for a while now... our diner meeting place is there and its always good fun to do a bit of 'cop watching' while we are there...
  17. Yep i got done 10 years ago for this very reason. Big friday night into early hrs of sat morning, running late for cricket sat arvo, pulled up for speeding, breatho and bang got done, was 0.001 just read on the breatho but being on my p's at the time my liscence was only counciled for 1 month :) so i didnt mind, i just drank a sh&tload more in that month and got all me mates to drive me around :LOL: i leant my lesson and will never ride until late in the arvo after a big night out :cool:
  18. #18 Farab, Dec 5, 2008
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  19. That's ok, your presence is not required ...... we want your mum's chrissie cake with brandy sauce. I'm sure she'd like a couple of stand-ins to make up for your absence. :wink: :grin:
  20. If you drink, GET THE fcuk OFF THE ROADS!!

    My life is important to my kids and wife.