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Random bike pics from Japan trip

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by damedi, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. Just a few random snaps of bikes I took on my recent trip to Japan

    DSC03829.JPG DSC03830.JPG DSC03831.JPG DSC03832.JPG DSC04015.JPG IMG_20150208_155424. IMG_20150218_123841.
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  2. Funny seeing such small bikes with those wide tires.
  3. Whoever rides that 50 must be big lol
  4. Probs Godzilla's steed.
  5. So wish they had released the Honda Grom here in Australia (first bike pictured).

    I don't know how many they would have needed to sell to be viable but there was a Facebook page for the Grom to come to oz with s few thousand likes.
  6. Nice photos! Going to Japan in April. Looking forward to seeing these bikes around.
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  7. Just came back from Japan, love the place. No pics but the best bike I saw was a mint early 70's CB750 super four In original condition. It was sweet.
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  8. Just posted by Riding Japan a vlogger I follow on Youtube:

  9. That looks like a fun trip.
    I really like that first Honda too.