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Random "Beige" chatter

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by bretto61, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. I'm gunna throw up again. Jammed all night with my teenage daughters friends...very dumb idea. Hilarious at the time tho...
    Oh and if you cant decide which to do first... a poo or throw up..
    I personally recommend trying to poo and just vomit on the floor if needed. The other way rounds not good when your very hung over

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  2. So glad you shared that with us mate. I'm going for a ride, I know it's gonna piss on me but what the hell.
  3. Or you could use lateral thinking and take a bucket into the loo to puke in...
  4. I hear that - I got back from Auckland on Friday (conference) was thinking about staying and coming home today......very glad I didn't...

    Get some beers into ya on the flight - only thing for it :D
  5. Isn't that what the loobrush holder is for? :D the new trendy canister ones are best :ROFLMAO:
  6. The shiny metal ones aren't watertight - beware! The crappy plastic ones seem to do a better job.
  7. You're proving to quite amusing these days madazz, have some popcorn. ROFL
  8. Hey @Mcsenna ...

    Hey @Gobberwart .. if I boop you back.. will that make us life long booping buddies? :p

    Jeebus.. i gotta stop going off topic.. tho I can't keep up with what the topic is exactly..
  9. but his friends call him 'Biggus Dickus' :p

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  10. He wanks as high as any in wome!

    @MadAzz300 You'll have to boop me and see
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  11. wasnt he the first internet mod ?
  12. Tell me more about this teenage daughter and her friends...

  13. No, please. Don't.
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  14. you only staying there v briefly then ?
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  15. Yeh, and a fourth party. But that was a night from a long time ago. In short, what I used to do all night now takes me all night to do:)
  16. I'd sign up for that.
    There there.
    Same response. Justus reply to burna called it as it was - a waste of time and was treated as such. Go back and read Justus' post about those who waste his time.
  17. Well her daddy is insane,and she is the light of his life. But then so is his best mate the bank robber, and he adores her as well.
    Her boyfriend Nick is 6'5" and 105kg and he is 16 as well. You can see him play for the Red's Jnr's or Noosa every weekend if you think your man enough to go through a kid... but me and me mate will be on the other side Capeeesh matey
  18. We just wanted to know if she had big bewbs jeez
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