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Random battery issues

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Rockjob, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. I had a flat battery this morning. Unusual? Probably not.
    Was perfectly fine last friday.

    So before I get lectured on "batteries just do that", the weekend before (the battery was working fine) I topped the fluids up and charged it for about 6 hours.

    Yet a few weeks ago for the xmas break I left my bike untouched for 2.5 weeks and it worked fine, now 3 idle days after charging it, its flat.

    My bike did get rained on overnight, so maybe its something in the electrics.

    Ideas anyone?
  2. Got a multimetre?
    Could be a few things, reg/rect, stator, something draining the battery, dead cell in battery.
  3. There's a short somewhere. Possibly within the battery itself or because of the rain.

    When you say you topped up the fluids and charged the battery, the first thing I thought was your battery fluid is boiling off (reg/rec failure). No/Low acid means the plates get hot, warp and short out. How low was the fluid level?

    Measure the voltage across the terminals with the engine running, before you do anything else. You should see about 14.5V.
  4. I havent tested the voltage. I did take some jumperleads to work with me, and didnt need them to start it that afternoon. I guess that means it charges it properly.
    I got home and charged the battery for a few hours. Fingers crossed!

    I figure maybe i must of turned it off at the key and left the kill switch on. Maybe that does something strange in the electrics.
  5. Maybe you turned the Key to the "Park" Position.
  6. What type of battery is it and how old is it?

    They old wet cell types don't like being left for even a few days and they start playing silly buggers even after a year.