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Random Banter

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by geeth, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. It would seem that we have a few threads running off topic and people not appreciating this, thought that it would be a good idea to make a random banter thread.

    For the general crap that is off topic even for off topic threads

  2. I've always wondered why there wasn't a thread like this on NR.

    Soooo ........ anyone watching the TT highlights?
  3. Nah, watching family guy at the moment :p
  4. the answer is 4
  5. Think your missing a 2 of the answer it's 42!!!!
  6. 42.....Oh yeah!!!..thanks for the fish & goodbye!! :wink: I like random!! :p
  7. where is your avtar tweets?
  8. Moving avatars have been banned by the Great Mouth (although tacitly supported by the equally Great Vic) .... Mine's a protest :LOL:.
  9. Hmmmm!!!!!...yeah!!!!...I do need one eh????

    I'll go lookin' for an "appropriate" one!! :demon:
  10. spewing about that, i had the perfect moving avatar...

    this would of been it

  11. ..and you...a moderator!!!! Tisk, tisk!! :twisted: ...bend over boy!!!!
  12. THAT is seriously unnerving :shock:.
  13. lol everyone says that, thats why i like it...

    what about a double

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. ...Big Brother!! :shock:
  15. Need to mirror one so that it looks right
  16. What he said
  17. he likes mirrors
  18. or maybe it needs to look left of centre
  19. Far freakin out.
    Was just sitting here at 3 in the morning, in my 'night attire' & scrolled down the first page.
    When, I came across goz eyeballing me. :eek: :oops:

    I do, jump out of chair backwards, really well.

    Naturally, I went back & looked again. (once dressed) - yeah, like you lot wouldn't have :-w

    I'm shopping for pants today (Wed) anyone want to come???
  20. grange, how's your part of the planet? :)