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Random acts of hostility

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Myke, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Ok this was an interesting one for a newbie... not quite a near miss...

    Well last sunday at about 7am me and the missus were riding north on the Warringah Freeway in Sydney. This is a 3 lane stretch of road just after passing the Harbour bridge.

    Speed limit is 80, we are both on our Ls... being 7am on sunday, there were no cars on the road at all! So we both rode in the middle lane. I'm in front by about 150m.

    Suddenly I notice a little white car coming up my arse! Then just as abruptly it blares its horns at me!!! (Apparently it came up behind my missus swerved around her back into the middle lane and speed up behind me). I looked down at my speedo and I was travelling at 76kmph!!!!

    Probably a stupid thing to do, but I maintained my speed, a bit freaked out and .... stuck my finger up at him lol... in hind side not smart at all.

    So he swerves into the left hand lane right next to me, continues to horn and gesturing abuses! Note that at all times the right lane (normal people call this the overtaking lane) is empty.

    Wifey goes into protective mode and charges up after behind him (yes another stupid move, which I told her not to next time) horning and reving she rides a cruiser so its much louder. Think it shocked the guy so he speeds off.

    Now I'm really freak out at seeing wifey's dangerous scenario and try to catch up in my 1 cylinder. Eventually he takes the artarmon exit(which is in the left lane!) and thankfully the missus doesn't follow. At that split moment I realised I should have taken his number plate but he was too far away and his plates were old.

    Also at that split moment my mind recovered and my raged kicked in... I was going to do very very bad things(I've always wondered about the hard knuckle sliders on my gloves!)... but then I was concerned the missus wouldn't know where I was as she's missed the exit, so thankfully we stayed on the freeway.

    Turns out it was some crazy old guy with an old lady crouched down hiding her head in the seat next to him.

    The whole situation was just random and kind of freaky! Forget SMIDSYs! Watchout for those who actually want to run you over!!!

    So if you live on the north side watch out for a crazy old geezer in a small white car
  2. Welcome to the reality of riding a motor bike,

    It does happen, People dont believe you when you tell them things like this happen,

    Glad the Moron didnt push you further,

    Another Crazy Old Geezer, Hahahahaha
  3. there's only ONE crazy old geezer on the North Shore :LOL:?????
  4. Funny thing is in the entire month of riding I've not had any near misses or dangerous situations. Always scanning like a freaked out rat, conscious of blind spots (mine and cars) always second guessing cars. But... this is a whole new level!
  5. I didn't say that - just one of them has a little shitbox car and definitely doesn't like bikes!
  6. They're only there so it dosn't hurt when you put your fist through their mirror aren't they?
  7. fixed
  8. If you've got the bike control not to fall off while trying, and have had your morning stupid pills.
    So let's say you manage it...later that day he comes across another learner and decides he's going to take it out on him.? (retaliation for your actions) how's that feel. Next time just move to the outside lane or brake and put him up ahead. He'll soon fek off, when there's no one to yell at.
    Not lecturing...just saying...let discretion be the better part of valour, and go home safe in one piece.


    If you ARE going to start it, make sure you are prepared to go all the way, because he might be.

    Very few opportunities allow you to get the upper hand on a imbocile in a car. So choose carefully.
  9. All I got out of this is that your wife rides a faster, louder bike than you :p
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  10. That's exactly why I'm glad I didn't get a chance to follow through.

    Another scenario is no matter what I had done he could quite easily swiped me off the road.

    Heck he could be taking out on me now cos of some bad experience with another rider.

    Still doesn't take away the total uncomprehendable behaviour though
  11. I've seen the same behaviour directed towards a learner driver. Me behind an old geezer, driving along a quiet suburban street in the late evening, no other cars around, minding our own business, just getting wherever it is we need to go. Two roundabouts ahead an L plater turns onto our road. Old geezer floors it, flies straight through two roundabouts, and gets right up the arse of the L plater, leaning on the horn, flashing his lights, zig zagging left and right. He then speeds past and cuts off the L plater, and jumps on the brakes hard forcing the L plater to brake hard, all the while still on the horn. Old geezer then accelerates away into the distance as fast as he could.

    This sort of behaviour is not caused by some previous L plater slowing you down on the way to the shops. It is a deep seated psychological problem. And I bet this kind of snap is evident in other parts of their life too, not just while driving.
  12. Yes, quite right, and he has no excuse. I usually just hope that I meet them again when I'm in my car. That way I can let the car do my talking and run him up a tree, or use to stop the prick and go all the way. (?my own private little fantasy.) :)
    On the bike, I'm just 'gone', if given the choice. You did good. Please explain to wifey though, that her becoming involved greatly reduces 'your' choices. Her main aim is to bare witness to the shinigans in the event that he does more than flap his gums.
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  13. That's exactly what I said to her - she potentially escalated the situation with an already illogical nut bag. Thanks for sharing the wisdom - and yeah I have those little fantasies as well lol.

    Gramlord, maybe they just see that big L as a target... or maybe with old age, yellow triggers mental retardation.

    Actually, I remember reversing my car into a parallel spot once. Had the gear engaged so reverse light was on, but waited for the traffic behind to pass (2 lanes in a 1 way road) before moving. This guy just drives up and zipps in head first. So I just parked further up ahead. Walking down I see this guy getting out of the car and smiling at me and I said, "What's with that" and the idiot goes, "well next time you should indicate as well!" Umm.... empty spot, car with reverse lights on with a 1m overlap into the space... other cars going around... sorry my bad
  14. Yes, your bad. You forgot to smack him one right in the gob, then walk off whistling happily as you go.
  15. The Warringah Freeway is a twilight zone inhabited by psychopathic, tail-gating, non-indicating, blind, murderous car drivers. Ride it at your own risk - and make sure you have eyes which swivel every which way.

    But please don't get mad at them - it's a lose-lose situation for us unfortunately. Just know that you are the bigger person - and move away from them as quickly as you can.
  16. yes.
    then follow them home :)
  17. Has anybody seen or heard of a "black box video recorder"? Forget the cam stuck to the side of your helmet, I'm thinking of 4 video cameras, front back left and right, feeding back to a single control unit, that records everything going on around you. Possibly sealed so you can't tamper with it.

    Then, when one of these unprovoked attacks or any of the other regular inattentive or stupid driver situations occurs, you have video evidence, proof if you like, of what happened.

    Black box video recorder. I want one.

    And, yes, this is a bit of an arms race, where everybody, cagers included, ends up getting them. But, hey, wouldn't that makes our roads safer?
  18. Yes. A few years ago I was involved in the approval of some new emergency vehicles in WA and the operating organisation fitted them up with exactly this kind of kit. At the time the cameras were quite bulky and the data storage was a bloody great box of a hard drive in the back of the vehicle. Ten years on I'd expect to be able to do the whole deal with something the size of a smart phone :D.