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VIC Ran through red light slowly

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by rendezvous, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    The other day, I was on my way to work and it was dark and the road was wet. As I was approaching the intersection I noticed the lights ofan ambulance and about 2 police cars at the scene of an accident where I presume I rider had come off. I knew at that intersection there was a combined speed and red light camera. I slowed down to approximately 40km/hr and was briefly distracted by the accident scene. As I looked up at the traffic lights. the amber light had already come on and just before I entered the intersection the traffic lights turned red. I did not want to brake as I knew the roads were wet and was afraid of sliding the bike. I went through the intersection at about 40km/hr and the flashes from the red light camera went off.
    I am certain I will be receiving the fine and would like to know if anyone has contested red light camera fines and what chances I have of successuflly appealing and avoiding the fine.
  2. You could try to argue it was unsafe to stop, depends on what condition the intersection is, though I do not like your chances.
  3. I don't fancy your chances.
    Their argument would be that you failed to take adequate precautions and failed to anticipate the intersection and not riding to conditions.
    The fact you were distracted by the accident will not be taken into account.
    Pay the fine.
  4. All rubberneckers should be fined!

    Especially if they run a red, possibly why the previous crash occured in the first place!

    Think yourself lucky some other rubbernecker didn't hit you like the other poor bugger!
  5. Sorry ... unless you (slowly) ran a red to allow access to an emergency vehicle, you are knackered.
    And SHAME on You! Red runners kill bikers
  6. Pay up and learn "anticipation" before it costs you more than some cash and a few points.
    As riders we complain about red runners often...................
  7. There's the off chance the camera fired but didn't store an image, don't hold your breath though.
  8. OK thanks for the replies peoples. Let me rephrase my wording. . I was "distracted by the accident scene" meaning I was expecting a police car or the ambulance to pull out into the intersection as there lights were blaring although there was no siren sound.T Its not like I ran through the red light on purpose and was speeding. . Obviously I know that there is a red light camera and speed camera at that intersection and I am always cautious when i pass through that intersection. The intersection is just a couple blocks from my home
  9. Ladyyamaha I hate rubberneckers myself. They are the real cause of traffic jams when there is an accident and not the accident victims themselves. I do not practice rubbernecking and I was merely being cautious. (maybe a little too cautious). It was a confusing situation when i approached the intersection. There is an accident, there were police cars, ambulance. traffic lights, speed and red light camera. It was drizzling and dark the roads were wet. If you were in that situationj what would you do? slow down, stop, speed up?
  10. Wait and see if a ticket arrives in the next 3 weeks then go and look at the photo.

    Plead your case and if police and ambulance vehicles can be seen in the photo say a police officer waved you through ??
  11. But if you were expecting an emergency vehicle to pull out into the intersection, why didn't you stop?
  12. All I see here is "I have no spatial awareness and should not be riding anything as dangerous as a motorbicycle"
  13. so why not stop?
    You made a gross error of judgement.
  14. Your case wont be viewed as special just because you have a REASON you ran the red. I highly doubt many people DELIBERATELY run a red light. Heh.
  15. not spent much time in Melbourne then?
  16. Thankfully, no. :p

    I tried to, but without shaved legs and skin tight denim shorts I just didnt fit in :p
  17. well the police cars or ambulance did not end up driving through the intersection after all.
  18. OK, I'll assume you were being careful, even if no-one else here will. You could reasonably argue that you were expecting to be directed by the emergency personnel in front of you, and were concentrating on them.
    See if that flies.

    The photo will no doubt show whether that is a plausible excuse. I hope you at least checked for approaching cars.
  19. Drawing a V-E-R-Y long bow!! Just take the medicine and (hopefully) learn from it.
  20. If you've got nothing, may as well cut the top off the straw packet....