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NSW Ran through a red light!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by da_guy, May 7, 2007.

  1. #1 da_guy, May 7, 2007
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    I ran through a red light this morning. The light turned orange and I was at a distance where I could have probably stopped or gone through (without running through the red light). I hesitated, pressed the brakes a little, then I thought I might not be able to stop in time, so I accelerated but I accelerated slow , so I stepped on the accelrator really hard. I ran through the intersection 1/2 sec after the lights turned red. It wasn't intentional at all folks. I follow the rules everytime and usually only over speed by 5Km/hr maximum over the limit.

    I think i ended up also overspeeding by 10km/sec.
    This is the second time that this has happened to me this year!!!

    Does anybody know there is a red light camera in the intersection of the Great Western highway and "charles hackett" road in the ST Mary's area. also speed cameras?

    this is in Sydney NSW ofcourse

  2. check this site out: http://www.roadwatch.com.au/ . It lists where most fixed cameras are. I don't know the area you are talking about, so I couldn't check.
  3. hehehehe

    hmmm, sounds like you were driving a car.

    Cars running red lights are not exactly popular on a motorcycle forum dude.
  4. I gather by "putting the foot down" you were in a car.

    You (and any bike rider) were very lucky that a bike didn't take off from the lights. It sounds like you would have cleaned them up.

    Forget the fines etc, what about the physical damage you could of done!!!

    Oh well...............everyday's a school day and as long as you learn from it, all's well that ends well, but....................................
  5. ahhh Jeff......i see your shwartz is as big as mine.
  6. you can see???????????????? [shutting legs discreetly] :LOL:
  7. n

    yep..i was driving a car.
    anyway, based on the link boz provided
    there isnt any red light cameras on the intersection !!!
    or speed cameras.

  8. You have posted 4 times and all these times have been about running red lights. You do not seem to have a bike so I am smelling a troll. :roll:

    If I am wrong, so be it.
  9. ^ + 1 ...smells like a troll

    and if we're wrong on that front, then he's just another dangerous bloody cager.

    either way :furious:
  10. i'm not a troll at all. I've ran the red light twice this year missing it by 1/2 a second.
    the first was in Feb and the 2nd time this morning.
  11. eek!

    doesn't learn, but at least you were going so fast your likely hood of hitting anyone is not so much a problem as your front bumper melting.
  12. I noticed that. If it was a bike, I would want one. But as it's just a car, I'm not interested. :p

    By the way, smells very bad like a TROLL, so don't anyone rise to the occasion and shout at him, because if he isn't a troll, he is very young and innocent. :twisted: :roll:
  13. Wow. 1 more km/s and you'll hit orbital escape velocity. Congrats!
  14. Not something I'd be proud of.

    It seems you are out to kill somebody...with a bit of luck, it might only be you.

    Richard Cranium.
  15. We can only hope that there is.
  16. da_guy your coming to a bike forum and all you have asked in two separate topics is about running a red light in your car and what will happen to you. I don't understand what your trying to prove. Motorcycles are normally first away from the lights and accelerate fast and are more likely to be cleaned up by cagers who run the red...
  17. Theres running a red and running a red. I don't mind if someone is too close to stop, and floors it to get through.
    What I hate though, is the wankers who haven't even entered the intersection when your light goes green, and they come belting through at 20+ km/h over the limit. Or the tools who cut throuh on a red turn arrow, that is REALLY dangerous.
    If teh original poster has done it four times this year, all I can say is, hope a truck wipes you out real soon, you're a danger.

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. in over 100,000ks on a few bikes in last 6 yrs, I have only ran one red light, due to the vechile behind me not wanting to stop and if I did not run the light, I would of been squashed..

    You need to learn how to ride and make executive decisions, and learn how to use your brakes..