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Ran over somthing....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Sweeris, May 29, 2007.

  1. I was heading home. Prob a min away from home. I was on the back dark roads with round abouts and no lights. As I was coming out of a round about I was opening my throtle to straighten up from a leaning to the right to leaning to the left to leave the round about. When I started to lean to the left my head light picked up somthing on the road. It was a piece of wood(abt 20cm x 4cm x 10cm). It was directly in my path. I felt I was in a position that I couldnt do anything in the fear of coming off or running off the rd. I decieded to run over it since I couldnt avoid it. Only the front went over it and the handle bar flicked but the front end was still straight and I just rode off. After that I kinda slowed down down and think what happends if I get a flat tyre.

    I got home ok then I checked the front tyre. It was fine. Nothing out of the usual. I then said ill check it 2mrw and c if its ok.

    I was wondering if there's anything I could have done to avoid something while u were starting a lean? I had only abt 4m of warning going at 50ks. I was abt to turn my high beam on but kinda for got and thought Ill turn it on after and thats when I jus hit somthing.

    I went bak to hav a look at what I ran over. It was a peice of wood that they used to construct houses with. There wernt any nails in it so I think my tyre is ok.

    In this case if I get a leak is there a way to fix the tyre or do I need to get a new one? The tyre only been running for abt 4500km.
  2. Seems like everything is OK, though the jolt seems to have knocked a few letters and punctuation marks out of your post.

    You probably did the right thing, I think, given the situation, but getting the high beam on earlier might have been very smart... given it might have been something much less benign on the road.
  3. If your tyre is inflated tomorrow morning I'd say you would be fine.
    As for the save good stuff.
    Best thing to do if you spot something like that and it is unavoidable is to if possible, stand the bike up and you also stand up on the pegs motocross style in order to let your knees act like shock absorbers as well.
    Imagine if you were doing 100 kms instead of 50 kmh and went over that piece of wood.
    A guy I knew had that happen to him in similar circumstances at night only at a much greater speed.
    He didn't stand the bike up or adjust his position and was flung off the bike.
    ended up in hospital with a few injuries.
    So all in all you did well.
  4. So you left it there for the next bike to hit?
  5. when you spot something like that on the road, try and shift your eyes, away from the object, ie, look left or right of the object..... as a general rule you hit what you look at :)
  6. Yeah what Vic said, you didn't just leave the wood on the road did you?

    Remind me never to let you look at me :p
  7. Bwahahaha
  8. The dude says he went back and examined the piece of wood. What makes you guys think he put it back in the middle of the road, FFS? Give him a break.
  9. well, he never mentioned moving it

    it was a question im sure alot of us were thinking :p

    Mate caught the bloke at the bike shop at the lights 1 day with a container picking somehting up, so he pulls over and goes back to see if he needed a hand.
    A Trades vehicle had dropped a load of screws out the back and they had sprayed all over the road.
    Just lucky someone with some brains caught it all and was there to pickup the pieces before some idiot like me ran them over and hit the traffic light at the other side of the intersection :eek:
  10. It's surprising what you can bounce the front wheel over.....have you ever watched trials riding?
    Like someone else mentioned, try to stand the bike up as straight as possible..also pull back on the bars to lighten the front.....
    I've hit dogs etc and still managed to ride it out by doing the above... :)
  11. Hahaha

    Nah if some other guy on a bike hits it Ill pay them.... I chucked it off the side of the road somewhere, in the bushes....

    After I ran over it da wood was in da gutter already...
  12. sweeris wrote


    when you have time, and big open space [empty car park] practice changing your line or swerving mid corner.

    what you do is, when your leaning [ie, left hander], use left hand [lower palm] to 'tap' the handle bar gently. this will tighten your corner. then you can either tap more or swerve back.
  13. Well, you have edumacated me, Netrider. After reading this thread, was riding home and spotted a big Dolphin torch smashed on the white lines. Rode by but my conscience, a little angel sitting on the shoulder of my Rivet that looked exactly like Vic (cocking terrifying, it was), wouldn't give me any peace until I did a U and went back and booted it into the gutter.
  14. Sometimes it is better to ride over something nice and vertical than risk an evasive manouvre and clip teh edge of it when leaned over...think about what may have happened if you'd hit it leaned over with lots of english on the bike.
    Some people think you can go Matrix and identify exactly what teh threat is, calculate every possible scenario, emergency brake, countersteer and pull a wheelie at teh end in 25m...........
    If you have to hit something, heaps of brakes for as long as you can, then power up to unload the front wheel.
    CHeck your tyre tomorow for any bumps or bubbles in the tread.

    Regards, Andrew.