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Ran out of petrol... how embarrassment!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by cameo, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. Hehehe if anyone saw a chick on a VTR250 conked out at the Lorimer St/Montague St intersection the Melbs the other day, that was me! At least now I know exactly how far I can't ride when I'm on reserve... how embarrassement!

  2. you're not the first and you won't the be last! back when I was on my P's I stopped for an R1 rider that had run out of fuel... He felt pretty stupid too :LOL:
  3. Actually, what I feel MORE stupid about is actually how long it took me to figure out WHY exactly my bike spluttered to a stop while I was waiting at the lights and why I couldn't start it again... it was at one of those fantastic moments where I'd snuck through a line of traffic to sit out the front to wait for the change... so the cars behind me weren't impressed (fair enough). Pushed my bike up onto one of the medianstrips which was WAY TOO MUCH effort with angry cars whizzing within an inch of me. Kept trying to start it... eventually realised I had run out of petrol. Hit the pedestrian button and sheepishly walked my bike over to the safety of the Yarra's Edge apartments (where I live). Good stuff!
  4. as long as you don't do what i do when you bike is still a bit too cold and conks out when you turn the choke down and hit the horn instead of the starter :LOL: in front of a bunch of school kids too :oops:
  5. ah well the first day i had my Bandit i ran out of fuel about 100m from the servo! pushing ya bike off the road isnt a fun feeling, especially with people watching. what was funny is i hadn't actually ran out of fuel, i had failed to switch it fully onto reserve, and it basically ran on what was in the carbies untill it died.
  6. Yes I did that in my second week of riding. Since then when I get close to reseve I jus get to the nerest station.
  7. I've been meaning to put a tube and tiny bottle under my seat for some time for such occurrences..
  8. ill put my hand up.

    Done it twice, i have an excuse (reserve keeps sucking, tank is dry with having to swap over)

    1st time on my way to motor reg to get R-date, middle of peak hr traffic

    2nd time going down freeway, push my bike up a hill 2km long, no one even stopped, some biker prick just waved!!! grrrr, thanks pal.

    its funny now i look at it
  9. Happened to my mate the other night! :p

    Thank god it was only a 500m downhill run to the next servo...

    If only the CBR's had fuel guages...
  10. GS500's don't have a fuel gauge and i'm yet to run out of fuel :LOL: mind you, the entire tank is 20L and the reserve is a quarter of that :cool:
  11. I ran out of petrol, in the same spot as a couple of weeks ago. DOH!

    Normally I run mostly highway speeds long trips, but lately I've been making a lot of short trips where the bike doesn't warm up so it sucks loads of juice.

    ..and running out of juice sucks loads too.
  12. did it once.. thank God for reserve tank :D
  13. I nearly ran out last week.....got to work fine but when i went to start it in the arvo it dint want to start took ages and then i had to ride cautiously with full choke and a bit of throttle ......had 1 litre left :roll:
  14. It happened to me once as well.

    I just changed to my new 750 from a 250 and it didn't occur to me that the fuel range would not be as good. :roll:

    On a Friday night the bike started spluttering as I entered the Domain side of the Sydney harbour Tunnel and I thought I had just lost a plug.

    Anyway it cut out and all I could do is coast to the bottom of the tunnel and I pulled over as far left as I could.

    I was sh1tting myself with the cars wizzing about a foot from me and I started pushing the bike(about 2k's to go uphill!!) ](*,)

    Finally the little light came on in the head :idea: , switched to reserve and after a couple of goes, she started up and I gunned it outta there! BIG fines for running out of petrol on bridge or tunnel!!

    Still sh1tting myself as I type :eek:hno:
  15. Really? you get fined for running out of fuel in a tunnel / bridge?

    heh, that's pretty unfair. it's not like you planned it or anything.
  16. I ran out today. Would be the first tiome in probably 15 years.

    Must have connected the hoses up the wrong way round when I had the tank off. Went to reserve and it made no difference.

    Oops. How embarrasment :oops:

    Have to fix that one up this weekend but for now up is down and down is up.
  17. yep, my mechanic did that to me as well... luckily i realised soon enough and when i eventually got around it it, fixed it up
  18. No-one's given the time honoured advice!?

    Reset the trip meter to zero every time you fill up and fill up to the bottom of the filler neck each time. This way you can accurately work out your fuel economy every fill up... and with this magic number in your head you know how far you should be able to go with the few litres of reserve you have.

    e.g. my GPX used to do about 24km/ltr - worst was 20kms/ltr. I think there was at least a 2ltr reserve... so that's easy 40kms range before I was totally stranded!

    Welcome to the learning curve! LOL
  19. Cameo ,

    I have run out fuel in middle of Burenly tunnel few weeks ago , that was a scary expirience , glad that u are alright .

    So yeah dont worry about it , you will learn when to fuel up .

    Happy & safe riding .

  20. Ha ha! I did it yesterday on my new GPX250! :oops: I was riding happily around the area, getting used to the beastie when it spluttered and coughed, I managed to switch to the reserve, and made it the extra 2K to the servo after waiting what seemed an age at the lights and just pulled in as the engine conked. I was sure it had a bigger reserve and as I didn't fill it up once it was delivered (sort of thinking that wasn't too bright!), figured I'd get at least 10K or so. Anyway, at least I didn't have to push more than a few metres!