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Ran from the police today!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by es, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. WTF did you run? were you speeding??

  2. not sure on the not stopping, me personally i would just claim i never saw them..... but i would take a different route home tonight and for the next couple of weeks
  3. Well you could have claimed you didn't see them... bit hard now though there is posted evidence that you did LOL
  4. They probably can't proove that you ran, even if they know that you did. But If they got your licence plate, then they'll ping you for reckless riding, lane splitting and whatever else they can think of.
  5. Well you can always pleed ignorance as you didnt turn your head, what officer didnt hear you or see your lights, I only lane split and 60 ks in a hundred zone etc etc

    At least you didnt change down two and gunn it i hope the most important thing to do is maintain your speed and lift it slowly. (Many years of monash travelling)

    Says he who had to lay beside a Z1000 in long grass with petrol flooding over white hot pipes on the side of Doheties road many years ago to get away from three pursuit cars rember when they where yellow.luckily the air wing was not in the area :oops:

    Oh and dont go and get the t shirt printed up with capable of eveding high speed pursuit its so not with it :roll:
  6. firstly you were wrong to not pull over, wrong for speeding? wrong for not having your plate clearly showing, wrong for lanesplitting. you coulda been hurt, hurt others, blah blah, so grow up, blah, blah....but i guess you've learnt your lesson...

    now that that's outta the way. i'd agree with stewy, make sure you take a different way to work/home, cause i can imagine a pissed off copper out there hanging to catch you. also careful of who you tell and the details cause i think cops read forums too! there may only be a few busas a day on that road.

    and i think saying you didn't see him won't wash over too well if you were caught.

    i've heard of cops in the past setting up traps for bike riders. one example was of a guy who always sped through a tunnel and as he passed the camera put his foot out to cover his plate. he did this a few nights in a row and was finally caught by a trap.
  7. Happened to me once caging it in the transit lane down the eastern. Saw the cop already had someone pulled over so I thought I'm in the clear. He must of just finished booking someone cause he looked at me and raced to his car.

    I thought "F*ck!" and in peak hour traffic managed to cut across 5 lanes in a matter of seconds and thought I was in the clear. Next thing I hear and see the sirens behind me.

    I was stunned and pulled over. Cop walks up and the first thing I said to him was "How the f*ck did you get behind me so fast!" He laughed and said "Mate it's like a sport to us, I do this ever day. But i'll admit you did well getting across that fast"

    The only time i've ever copped a fine with a laugh. It's was only 70 or so dollars. Almost worth the laugh, and gave me an even better excuse for being late to a meeting that day :D
  8. You could say that you didn't see them as you were concentrating on riding. You could say you didn't hear them as you are wearing ear plugs. But all of a sudden accelerating might give it away a little. Had you kept the same speed it may be more credible that you didn't see them.
  9. The cop had probably got a call to a domestic, and wasn't going to chase you anyway, and now he's sitting back at the cop shop, killing himself laughing, imagining the hell you're going through thinking about what might happen next!! :LOL:
    Of course, if you're close on points (see separate thread) you'd better HOPE that's what happened......
  10. lol you did that? haha like something outta a movie. and yeah woulda been a funny site if there was an air wing! what would you have done then? played dead and hope that they didn't recognise you? :LOL:

    so tell me.....how long did you spend hiding in the grass?? :p
  11. If they catch you or manage to get you ya, say your sorry and buger off. I'd say don't try to defend as you know what you are at..

    And for the time being, its Victoria Bitter.. Gulp it down with all the guilt and piss it off.. Lifes like this mate.
  12. Heh... Interesting. Would have taken some nerve to keep on going. I think you'll be fine - hard to catch a plate when you're splitting. And I reckon you're ok to go back home the same way, playing it very legal. If he doesn't have your plate, he can't book you with something else. And if he does have your plate, then you're fcuked anyway!
  13. 2 and a half hours of praying to god they wouldnt notice the track into the paddock from the bike punted into paddock at about 80 ks very sheepish trip home Down every sububan street i knew 20 min normal, 1 hour with grass in every nook and cranny sun burn , paint damage and the most paranioid attitude to every yellow car since :oops:
  14. Mate of mine works with a guy who did a runner on a bike - thought he was safe but the cops had gotten his rego and showed up a few days later with a court summons. Last I heard he was looking at 3 months jail though the fact he was unlicenced at the time probably contibuted more to this than the "evading police" charge.
  15. good move FireBreather i have done the same b4,so dont stress,just go to wrk another way tomor cos he might have his eyes out for a busa.
  16. When you said lanesplitting the Eastern Carpark, I envisioned stationary traffic... splitting at 100kph through traffic doing 70kph isn't popular with the cops from what I can tell, some are more tolerant if passing stationary (or very slow moving) traffic (I regulary see bike cops do the same), but people have been booked even passing inaminate cages.

    Let's hope the MRAA can keep up the lobbying to change the law...
  17. senario 1 :

    if it was a TOG , then it might have the camera and he will have your rego , so expect a ticket .

    what police car ? didnt see one
    how am i suppose to pull over for something i didnt see?
    and if the traffic was banked up and at a crawl on the monash carpark why would the idiot even attempt it knowing he cant go anywhere ?

    senario 3:
    firebreather 1 coppers nil

    all i can say is next time dont gun it just keep going the same pace merrily along , that way they cant say you saw them .
    and if nycopper stupid enough too try that deserves to be ridiculed, trying to book someone in peek hour traffic on the car park.
    get a life dounut boy wendys dont open for a nother 40 minutes , you dont need lights and sirens to get to morning smoko
  18. take the mini-bike tomorrow
  19. OK - I must be missing something here!

    Why are we applauding something that is wrong! We jump up and down when car or bicycle do something wrong yet applaud when a motorcyclist does it.
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  20. who's applauding?