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NSW ramped up police presence

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ibast, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. I've noticed when out and about lately there has been a lot more HWY patrol out and about. Guess the new government is trying to put a public face on its law and order agenda.

    Anybody else noticed?
  2. There's been quite a few stories in the media this week about excessive drunk and speeding drivers. All signs of a bit of a police sting.
  3. yup, heaps in my suburb... and i'm like, in a really quiet suburb!
  4. They are short of funding ?
  5. Bazza is trying to get money wherever he can to make it look like he is doing something. He released 19,000 blocks of land on the outskirts of Sydney to raise money through Landcom, the whole time sprouting on about traffic and infrastructure.

    Back more OT, I drove to Muswellbrooke and back the other day and have never seen so many cops, all with someone pulled over. Yesterday on the way home I saw radar where I've only ever seen it once in 6 years. This morning I saw two cars sat ready to catch u-turners at lights. Generally more cops in the traffic too.
  6. :-O Thanks for the heads up, might avoid an Old Pac run then..
  7. Second this, cops everywhere, saw a guy getting his engine inspected last night and a particularly sneaky radar on wakehurst parkway too. Nearly got me had I not had a sudden urge to go the speed limit.
  8. yeah seen cop cars to and from work lately (West -> North West)...bastards are impeding my filtering!!!
  9. okay thanks for the tips I am riding to sydney from canberra on friday
  10. Yep, had a tank slapper on the way home last night (front hit a crack/tar snake in the road) and when I pulled over to regather myself there was a cop to ask if I was ok.

    Not complaining about that one.
  11. Gee you wouldn't see many cops in that stretch would you? lol
  12. Lucky you didn't drop it, he would have charged you with neg riding.
  13. The Premier is an ex-cop (I think) and he's long been in favour of visible policing as a deterrent to all sorts of crime....
  14. Haven't seen any down around this way lately, but apart from to and from work i ride mainly the backroads will keep an eye out if they appear anywhere
  15. Where abouts? I ride that often :|
  16. An ex-cop that gets into politics and still supports the police is a really scary prospect, but I just checked his Wiki page and it doesn't mention it.

    Uni-brief public service-Political staffer-directory of state liberal party-member-opposition leader-premier

    Like most modern politicians he's never had a real job.
  17. Personally, I'd prefer fewer police and more cameras...

    So you've got to know they're on the right track by going in the opposite direction.
  18. I'm going to assume you mean well signposted fixed cameras, not the sneaky mobile shit they do in Victoria.
  19. I have a very muddy driveway, mate.
  20. hahahaha