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Rampant Stupidity

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by N2O, Jul 9, 2006.

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  1. So I saw a hyo GT250R at officeworks in dandenong. I was hoping to say g'day to whoever owned it (L-Plater) and have a chat about the bike, but he was obviously working there (I work next door).

    But about an hour later I saw the hyo pull off. With just a Helmet, officeworks shirt, and thin trousers and work shoes. What the fcuk?
    Don't people know anything?
    Shouldn't the need for leathers be pushed in the training course?
    Personally I think they should be compulsory.

    Anyways, I was driving home when I saw another squid. I would think anyone who rides a brand new gixxer 1000 would be wearing leathers. But I was wrong again!

    2 idiots in the space of 2 hours along a 5km stretch of road.

  2. I wear a good leather jacket, gloves, and Draggins Jeans, but I have to admit to being guilty of wearing sneakers rather than boots. No excuse, I'm just a twit.

    And since I ride a GT250R, I best just point out that I've never been to Officeworks in Dandenong. :oops:
  3. Unfortunately, attendance at a Learner's/P's training course doesn't always guarantee the participant will follow up on good advice or training after they have got what they went for.

    Safety or otherwise, it's too darn cold to NOT wear something extra!
  4. Lol – all the hyosung riders give their alibi :LOL:
  5. +1 on that,
    The concept that you have to wear a helmet but can be in shorts and thongs (like the guy I saw a the other day) is a bit strange. Sure 99% of the time you don't have to worry about wearing gear until you come off, but by the same logic a head scarf and some decent sunnies should be fine instead of a helmet.

    Making boots, gloves, jacket and pants compulsary for riders and pillions is just as good an idea as seatbelts in cars, they wont help you all the time, but it certainly makes it nicer for the folks that have to pick you up off the road when you stack.
  6. Yer right. It's bloody cold out there today!

    Don't even go there, mate. If you start making noises about making clothing compulsory, then we'll most certainly face rises in the cost, as they'll most likely have to be AS certified to a minimum standard like helmets.

    Now, most stuff out there probably does comply now. However, when you introduce some sort of testing and standards regime, this will jack up the costs and may narrow the choices as to what we can buy.

    As for making leathers themselves compulsory, if that's your thinking, then I'd oppose it. I don't wear leather gear. Not through any anti-leather crap (I have leather boots, gloves, etc.) but because I find textile clothing such as DriRider, Rjays, Spidi, etc. more comfortable, particularly in summer.

    The ALP has been described as the party whose maxim is "if it's not compulsory, then it's banned". I would hate to see us subjected to that where it comes to what we want to wear. Educate these people, perhaps. Also, if you start making it difficult for people to say, slip on a lid and jacket to go to the shop or whatever, then they'll most likely take the car if they have to gear up in leathers.
  7. 1. safety nazi

    (n.) A person obsessed with safety and possessing a fascist belief that everyone who believes otherwise is irresponsible, reckless, and should be publicly chastised.
    Commonly have children who wear helmets to do virtually anything fun and are responsible for child proof cigarette lighters, the disappearance of fireworks, and for laws requiring use of seat-belts and motorcycle helmets.
  8. was that post really necessary duhast?

    i'd rather have the skin on my body so that I could do everyday things than be lieing in hospital with no skin on my body unable to move.
  9. Hmm, i'd like to see some sort of minimum atire laws. something like this.

    Helmet: must meet ASA, Snell, etc etc.
    Boots: must be leather or boots made specificaly for motorcycle riding and AT least cover the ankles.
    Pants: must reach from the waiste to the ankle and made of heavy natural fiber OR be specificaly made for motorcyling.
    jacket: must reach from the waiste to the neck and sleeves to the wrist and made of heavy natural fiber OR be specificaly made for motorcyling.
    gloves: must reach past the wrist and fully cover the fingersto and made of heavy natural fiber OR be specificaly made for motorcyling.
  10. Yep, there's nothing quite as satisfying as a late night squid on a hot summer's night, :cool: but to do it in this weather is just nuts. :shock:
  11. Well, I say if they want to do that, go ahead, more power to them, just don't blame anyone when they stack.

    I don't know why, but unless their stacking affects me, then well, there's one more towards Darwinian theory.

    I don't have riding boots myself as such, but always wear my docs or similar thick boots when I ride. That's my choice, and also my responsibility when something happens. I'm not going to blame anyone else if I lose my foot wearing sneakers in a crash (not that I do.)

    That is, unless the crash was a direct fault of someone else which could not have been prevented even if I were wearing the right gear.

    Meh. Just let them be, you live you learn, but hopefully someone's told them better. Then at least they can't whinge it was someone else's fault.
    Someone not taking responsibility always gets to me.
  12. Personally, I'm fed up with living in a cottonwool wrapped society where there is always some person/ committee/ government department who is only too prepared to tell me how to live my life. Whether or not I wear protective gear is none of your business. What's next; mandated dietary controls? Are you going to make morning exercise compulsory and check up on me through the two-way television? Compulsory counselling when I get too excited by State of Origin?
    Life is full of risks, let me decide what level of risk I expose myself to; unless it infringes on your well-being it has absolutely nothing to do with you. You are a very small step away from the people who would ban motorcycling altogether.
  13. Im all for people who want to ride squid more fool them, but they should have to pick up the tab for hospitalisation and rehab. Why should we, through the TAC have to pay for their stupidity?
  14. If they want to wear it they will, if they don't then they are just stupid. Netrider has put an emphasis on safety gear and thats all that is needed. If people want to be stupid and not wear gear that their decision. $2 head = $2 helmet, same goes for gear. When i get my bike i will be buying safety gear. New Laws/clothing standards would make everything more expensive.
  15. Sure was, why should i have to legally wear certain garments to enjoy motorcycling, simply because a few Safety Nazis say its a good idea and they prefer to motorcycle whist dressing like power rangers, the reasons our liberties get taken away with new pieces of legislation is because of some minority freaks with fascist streaks who seem to always know what’s best for the rest of us.
    Why should cruiser riders or even scooter riders get penalised and told what to wear because of the racer boys that come off up in the hills and need skin grafts?
    The very enjoyable emotions of freedom that motorcycling evokes appears to be at risk with statements like
    If you want safety then buy a Volvo, and please explain how my arse cheek being red and raw really affects you, my arse – my choice, and hey I’ve paid my TAC component so it doesn’t affect you, want to whinge about injury’s that the community pays for you can start with the non contributors like the bicyclists.
  16. I fail to see the obsession with compulsary this and compulsary that.
    You ride to the conditions, you ride knowing the risks.
    Big deal.

    I've crashed as a squid and I've crashed wearing the full gear.

    Both times it bloody hurt. Sure I lost a lot of skin in the first crash, but at the end of the day I lived, I walked away, I'm not disfigured (gut excluded :p )

    I've ridden in shorts and a t-shirt when I was doing armed work in the middle of summer. Pull up at work, leave helmet at work, grab a run sheet, grab a gun, do an 8 hour shift, lock gun in safe, put on lid, ride home. (I worked as a covert money courier, hence the plain clothes)
    There is no hope in hell you will catch me riding in 40+ degree weather in a big, heavy jacket. I'll risk losing skin than being heat fatigued.
    I've got a higher chance of suffering heat fatigue than crashing.
  17. who the hell are you, the bike clothes coppa, You wear the hell what you wear and I will wear what I wear clean cut and simple and In my opinion you can sharpen your opinion into a point and sit on it
    :twisted: :evil: :evil:
  18. Yes, I agree whole heartedly. Brilliant idea. And while we're at it why don't we do the same to those idiot motorcyclists. There's no need for them to be engaged in such a highly dangerous activity. Make them pay as well I say.
  19. I wear protective gear when I ride... but I do respect the wishes of those who want to do otherwise.

    I could argue that I've never crashed because I drive/ride to actively prevent a crash. Why are you abusing the people who AREN'T crashing...
  20. while generaly i'd agree, and i HATE over regulising anything, BUT there stupidity affects MY insurance, TAC, over crowded hospitals, ambulance service that cant keep up, all because they want their freedom, and thats fine if the ambulance can leave there stupid ass on the side of the road while it attends a kid with asthma.

    And roarin WE do pay more than our share, and we pay an extra $50 in vic, so your not being logical with your statment
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