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Rampant courtesy on the streets of Sydney

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. As you know, ('Riding in +30 temps' thread), yesterday I had to ride from Wollongong to Kurrajong and back for a job interview. It WAS punishingly hot, and in order to keep the Hornet's radiator in clear air, I resorted to lane-splitting at the lights.

    Well in hot weather everyone's temper is likely to be a bit frayed, and people are less patient than normal. Imagine my amazement, then, when not once, but twice, drivers wound down their windows and motioned me to the head of the queue, and wished me well on my trip :shock:

    And, it was Friday the thirteenth. So thank you to those two nice people, they made it a lucky day for me, and helped me get home just a little less frazzeled....
  2. Somebody give Hornet a shove and wake him up please, he's obviously dreaming..............
  3. I too have noticed blatent, selfless and seemingly concious acts of courtesy myself splitting in the heat on Thursay. :-k

    I don't know what those cagers think their up to, but I'm sure it's no good. :-s :LOL:
  4. Who'd have thought it & in NSW of all places!

    So did you get the job?
  5. I have mounted gutters and median strips to give bikes room to split on hot days... that was even before I was a rider.

    While we do attract the jealousy of freedom sometimes - we also get the sympathy in the heat :)
  6. wow thats amazing. whenever i lane split i always get death stares from people. lol

    they just jelous they have to wait in the cue.

    talking bout heat its 40 degrees on the deck at my house. bout to go for a swim.
  7. Ktulu you magnificent bastard.
  8. They probably wanted you to feel the cold airconditioned air blasting out of their car on the way past.
  9. +1
  10. Hornet stop hogging all the courteousness, I've nearly been run down half a dozen times in the week I've been going around, and I've got an obvious L on!
  11. :LOL: Well I didn't tell you about the two cloth-eared old fools who tried to run me down when turning into my road from the left, because you EXPECT that!!!
  13. Good to see. I made way for a few cars trying to turn across some busy streets today so maybe they will remember that and allow some bikes through next time they get a chance. Of course, this may just offset the ones I yelled at after they almost clobbered me.
  14. some of those nice cagers could have bikes themselves. i always get dirty looks from riders when i stare at their bikes or helmets when im walking or in the car pretty much when havn't got my bike. i get all the idiots who won't move over to let me merge, overtake in my lane on the freeway and sit right up my arse even though i have a bright yellow L plate on the back.