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Rammed Whilst Lane Splitting!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Paulie, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. Hey all!

    This is what happened to me the other afternoon on my way up the coast. Turning onto Pennant Hills rd from the m2 (citybound) I split to the front and waited impatiently for the light to change. When the light finally changed the intersection was clogged up by the people who had turned off the m2 westbound onto pennant hills rd. SO I decided to just filter my way up pennant hills road, so I took off and as I was pulling in front of the first car and lining myself up to filter down the right hand side of the car in front of him I heard a crunch and felt the bike start to go down, I squeezed the throttle and managed to keep her up. Scared the hell out of me though because the bike was gong down sideways and got close to the car in front aswell..

    Now...... I pulled into the far right lane and the dude that hit me was in the adjacent lane I slowed right down so he could catch up to me (as i was trying to turn off the ipod). The guy abrubtly changed lanes and vanished...

    I just shrugged it off because I figured that I probably would have been at fault somehow.... I mean,he didnt hit me square in the rear because I guess I was 'cutting in'. Anyways, there appears to be no damage at all to the bike I guess the tire cushioned the blow, I wasnt stationary at the time so i assume theres nothing wrong with it... I just hope he doesnt call the cops and accuse me of running off or something.. He was driving some new looking sporty thing and I have a feeling hes gonna have a few scratched on the left hand side of his bumper

    Anyways, sharing is caring :grin:

    On a lighter note!... I want to see thankyou to all the great central coast drivers on pennant hills road that made room for me to split! It was amazing I felt like moses parting the red sea, central coasters RULE! I had whole rows of like 10 cars moving over in their lane so I could squeeze past it was so great hhehe
  2. well, thats the risk you take i guess.

    splitting is like the lottery, glad you are ok :)
  3. Almost Deja Vu

    *hope you feel ok and stuff now*
  4. Wow... thats not good. Hope ur ok though. I Havent lane split as yet because of the fear of some idiot doing just that.
  5. Unfortunately comes with splitting... You cant control everything, just have to communicate as well as you can with drivers and dont assume they see you :driver:
  6. Good news you managed to keep her upright with out further damage.

    Sounds like central coast is the riders dream. This bloke must of been an out of towner.
  7. I advocate filtering and slow splitting but always caution that peeps should be careful as it will always be very difficult to determine fault in such accidents and they will most likely be deemed at fault as such given the current feelings on the matter..whether they were had legal right of way or not..
  8. My best saying is ride to survive, there are so many nutters just waiting to make your day.

    Ride to survive
  9. 95% of the population arent to be trusted.
  10. So is NOT splitting. I'll take my chances splitting, rather than risk being rear-ended. Seen far too many of those! :p

  11. I asked this question a while ago (months?), goodness knows what thread but it was "Is it still the rule of thumb at least in Victoria that people who run up the back of anyone is always deemed "at fault"? (Because they didn't allow enough time/speed of travelling to react for any circumstance?) I'm sure I was told this a while ago unless it was an urban road myth that's been spread over time :?:
  12. Hmm.. as ai was riding yesterday morning the bike seemed a little 'funny' in the rear when I was cornering.... I'm wondering if maybe the little ramming maybe whacked the rear wheel outta line a little. But having said that, it had been raining and the road was slippery as a real estate agent and she appeared to be ok in the 20 km ride after the initial incident. Thinking back, he didnt hit me square in the rear, but a little sideways (hence I was glad he kept going) as I truly beleive that I probably would have been found at fault

    (Read with a clean mind) :)
  13. +1 Yep pretty much sums it up