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Rammed via Taxi... good times.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Rohizle, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. So cruising the speed limit(50-60kmh) along section of Warrigal road thats 2 lanes, during peak hour in the late arvo. I noticed this taxi acting pretty aggressive and impatient earlier, racing off @ lights / cutting in and out of lanes / tailgating trying to get ahead of traffic, which doesnt really work during peak times. I was aware and did my best to keep my distance but also focus on my riding, but he had been buzzing around for a few k's.

    I was riding behind a van and had a car behind me in the right lane, approx 1-2 car lenghts in front & behind. Ahead, a car was turning left which blocked this taxi's path so he decided to quickly merge into my lane and i didnt even see it coming at all...

    I was literally blindsided from his front right quarter panel, connecting with my left leg + foot which caused me to lean onto his bonnet, and wedged my leg between taxi + bike. I lurched backwards and almost lost grip but managed to hang on but almost fell off / lost balance and for some reason i grabbed the clutch and revved the shite outta my bike at the same time, but managed to stay on it barely and was pretty much rolling whilst leaning on his hood with my elbow for a few seconds @ 50kmh's, then he slammed the brakes to a stop in a smoky lockup. How he didnt get plowed from behind i have no idea, but i slid off his car and rolled past him upright.

    I was ahead of him at this point and rather shaken up, i got back into the right gear, and pointed to the left ahead where there was room for us to pull over, and he sorta followed me, but then he bust a u-turn when there was a gap and raced off in the other direction in front of me when i pulled over.

    I saw my boot marks and dints up the side of his car, i think my leg + foot was all that contacted with him and although it felt pretty crushed at the time, was only a bit of bruising later. After that, i pretty much just sat on the naturestrip for a bit and calmed down as was easily closest ive ever come to dying, then dusted myself off and picked myself up after about 10 minutes and kept riding as we all should.
  2. Sounds like you did some pretty good riding to stay upright. Glad your OK.

    Taxi drivers are the scum of the earth. Did you manage to get any details of the car so you can follow it up.

    Did I mention taxi drivers are the scum of the earth.

    You know what time roughly, you know it was a taxi, you know the car now has damage.

    Report the shit out of it, both to the police and the taxi company.
  4. Report it! What Taxi company was it?
    Driving off like that deserves to have their taxi licence taken off them!
  5. Report it... I am all for reporting any accident to the police weather they stop or not.
  6. @ Rohizle -Yes, report it. It'd be good if you had the company and the fleet number, that'd help track him down. I'm really sorry this happened to you, and I'm very glad you're ok.

    @ Moto2 - thanks a bunch mate - I only did it for 23 years. There are some ratbag motorcyclists out there too, but it's not all of us.
  7. Ok, i didnt think to report it because i didnt get any numbers or anything like that, but i will chase it up this arvo as i know the company + when + where + damage + what the guy looked like. Thanks guys, will update once i get replies.
  8. Without a number, you have about a 50% of getting the guy. A lot depends on the owner or fleet operator. See, if that cab works out of a large depot, and the managers don't visually inspect every cab at every change of shift, and your man hands over and the next driver takes it... It might be a week before anybody notices or decides to report a bit of minor panel damage. I can remember at least one fatal hit & run in Bris, involving a cab. It MUST have been damaged, but they never caught him. It wasn't like they didn't look. They called heaps of cabs in and inspected the front and under-side, interviewed drivers, went to the depots, took the radio room logs and GPS logs, even went around all the panel shops that look after cabs. They still never caught him.
  9. Report it anyway.

    If anything the taxi company may put a reminder out to it's drivers to not be gutless if they're in a situation where they ram into someone.
  10. Wouldnt surprise if hes unlicenced, actually wouldnt surprise if he's here legally!!
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  12. Get yourself checked by a doctor just to be safe.

    Then go report to the cops that the taxi failed to stop despite causing injury requiring medical attention. That should get them to take the incident a lot more seriously.
  13. Which is one of the reasons I say you may not catch him.
  14. Report it to the cops as an injury and get a doctor to look at it - you'll need the police report for the TAC if there's any longer term issues.

    Definitely report it to the taxi company - they probably won't do anything but you never know. I suggest we all keep our eyes open as well for a taxi marked on the left.

    Which company was it?
  15. Glad to hear you got out of it ok. You should definitley report it. However, I would not be surprised if this idiot does not even have a licence to drive a cab. Please do not mis understand or mis interpret this as being racist but I happen to know that a number of indians are earning money driving cabs un licenced. Chances are that the taxi company doesn't actually know WHO is driving the cab. I would pretty much bet that it is not the person they think it is.

    Alot of these guys BUY their licence in india before they come over to "Study" knowing that they can quite easily drive with an international licnence or have it converted over to Australian licence without going through the same process as a new applicant. This is clearly a flaw in our licencing system. So most of these guys have an indian licence however they have no driving experience.

    Also to add to that, it is common that one of them actually gets a cab licence and hires a taxi plate etc. They then rotate the cab between 3 or 4 of them so that the actuall cab is active 24/7 and each of them has an oppertunity to earn money. I believe there is a crack down on these rogue cabbies at the moment.
  16. At a guess, the company will inspect any cabs they operate in their own fleet - ie, at the headquarters depot and any other company run depots, and they will get in touch with all the fleet operators, some of whom will actually look and some of whom will only say they've looked, and if the cab is a lease car being operated by a Namibian refo, that the company only sees once a month, and if it was in fact being driven this morning by his brother-in-law, who was not actually logged into the GPS system because he doesn't have a PIN, who doesn't even have a drivers license, much less a cab license, then you're going to be very lucky to catch the guy.

    I should say that situations like that are a fairly small minority in the industry, but they do exist and always have. Each new wave of immigrants gets here and goes "Hey wait! I've got a great idea!" 50 years ago it was the italians and greeks doing it. These days its indians and pakis and africans. Now the greeks and italians are standing around shaking their heads and going "We need to stop all this immigration - the place is being over-run." It's quite funny, really.
  17. kneedragon, although I agree with you I have to point out that when the Italians, Greeks, Turks and every other nationality migrated here it was slightly different. They came here as migrants and yes, when you are new in a country with little or no skill driving a cab seems a better option to washing dishes. The Indians however come here on a studen visa with the intention of getting the PR. They also exploit loop holes and lie and do things that lack integrity to get ahead. Other immigrants followed the correct procedures and rules when they came here, these guys are not and that's why it is so bad.
  18. Often true, I'm sad to say. But even then, beware stereotypes. I drove for an expat Indian called Emrik for a couple of years in the 1980s, and a more honest, honourable, hard working and just plain decent man you'd never meet.

    In every group, there are some who think they know a better way to get things done, and the closer the group is to the breadline, the more of them will be prepared to rort the system any way they can. As they get better established, most of them pull their heads in and start playing by our rules. The only thing I see changing is the source of the latest wave.

    Anyway - I'm not trying to highjack the thread, so ....
  19. I used to be a cab driver :(

    this is a hit and run accident - report it to the police and he will be charged that way and loose his taxi license endorsement
  20. Report it to the police for sure, maybe you'll get lucky, someone else may have seen it, not been able to stop but reported it later just in case (stranger things have happened).

    End of the day, glad you made it through. See how you feel in the morning, but I'd be going and saying hi to my GP.