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Rammed by car

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by adm08, Jun 12, 2014.

  1. Hi All,

    Now, I'm sure first to admit that my actions here were perhaps somewhat less than intelligent but I'd appreciate your opinions. The footage of the link attached was taken in Melbourne, on a standard morning commute. I had had no contact with the driver prior to the event.

    I'm more angry than injured, with the possible exception being the injury to my pride. What course of action would you have taken here? I called the police shortly after this occurred but as yet have not provided them with the footage.

    Thank you all.

  2. Hmm, personally. After seeing him creep infront if you, I would just let the car go first.

    He already have the intention of not letting you go as soon as he horned at you and moved ahead, and yet you still managed to put yourself in front of his bumper (fueling his anger). Wouldn't it be easier to just wait till the light was green and accelerate harder off the lights.

    Wouldn't show the police if I were you, they might pick up on a few infringements in the video. Changing lanes on a solid white, failure to stop at intersection.

    Glad you and the bike are unhurt thou, could have ended worse.
  3. I would show the cops but you might cop a fine for crossing un broken line.
    why didn't you pull infront of the car on your right after he showed that he was pissed off the first time?
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  4. what an asshole... driver, not you.
    That's all I have to say
    cheers :)
  5. lol both you and your brother are more coherent in English than me
    I wonder how well your mother speaks it?
  6. I'd have followed him home and then made preparations to kill his entire family, burn his house to the ground, and sow his land with salt. Having removed the immediate threat, I would then make efforts to erase all evidence of his entire existence.

    Those without Border Reiver and Viking ancestry may have other suggestions ;).
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  7. With all the wisdom of hindsight; that's exactly what I should have done.
    At the time, I obviously wasn't thinking so much about what made sense as I was thinking about what I could do to make a point. I'd say I failed abysmally.

    My main concern was the potential fine for filtering. Hence why I haven't handed it in yet..
  8. I'd leave it alone if your not hurt. Driver is a dead set dick though. Cops won't care enough to follow it up - as no damage done.
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  9. yeah I understand, if the **** rammed my bike, well I wont go into that on an open forum
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  10. And not sure about getting off the bike amongst traffic at a soon to be green light.
    Cars behind get nervous watching what they think may be ensuing road rage.
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  11. he was only asking, legally mind you for the piece of shit to pull over and exchange details
  12. What was the driver thinking?? Jeez... and seeing he is not willing to roll down his window to face you, what a coward.
    Maybe you could've just snapped his side mirror off and rode off. :devil:
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  13. Probably not worth chasing up. In all likelihood the cops will do little, no one was hurt and you both provoked each other.

    I'm not sure why when you first got to the front of the lane you edged to your left in front of him. This seems quite antagonistic. Unless there was someone coming up behind you. Stay in the middle until you can demonstrate that your acceleration is better than theirs and you are not pushing in.
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  14. You will NEVER change the attitude of people like that, all the postulating and foot stomping was a waste of time and energy. Why, knowing what this dickheads attitude was, would you put yourself even more in danger ?
    Next time, unless you are planning on smashing a fist through his window into his face, I suggest you stay on your bike, get out of harms way and leave him behind when the lights change.
    Showing the cops the video will do nothing to him but may bite you on the arse.
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  15. #15 adm08, Jun 12, 2014
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 13, 2014
    I think you make a good point there. It wasn't something that I had intended to be antagonistic, but certainly something that could be misconstrued as such.

    You might be right on that last point. As to the rest; I knew I had the whole thing on camera and at the time handing the footage to the police seemed like the logical thing to do. I think that managing to record his justification for what was essentially assault would have been quite useful too. As it turns out now, unfortunately it wouldn't have.
  16. Well, you looked like a right prat, didn't you? You're stamping your feet and yelling at him, he didn't even open his window, then he drives off and leaves you standing there with all the rest of the other drivers laughing at you...

    Repeat after me: "In any confrontation between myself and a car, I'll come of second-best".
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  17. Same ancestry. I find your suggestion most civilized.(y)

    OP – seeing as we don’t live in a civilised society, then perhaps carry a ready supply of daisies to tuck under the offending car’s wiper on such occasions, or conceal a tomato squirter in your go-pro, or perhaps contemplate designing a ‘biker beware’ sticker to slap on such drivers’ cars ....

    Agree, moving forward ahead of van to your right is one possible solution.

    Or staying put in the middle, letting him go first and you tuck in behind (weighing up likelihood of him not moving at light change just to spite you; how much confidence you have in vehicle behind letting you in, not accidentally bumping you etc)

    Or, again staying put until light change whereby you can demonstrate your powers of acceleration (keeping a weather eye out for late red arrow/light runners, and whether you’re confident he won’t take an additional swipe at you as you move off, and your confidence in your own powers of controlled acceleration etc)

    Multiple choices.

    Don’t know whether you’re familiar with the analogy of attention being like a $10 bill and being conscious of where/how much/ on whom you’re spending it (priorities) ... but it’s kind of important at intersections.

    All seems too complicated. Much prefer the ancestral option. Wouldn’t bother with the police though.
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  18. If you are not confident in doing this as the only option each and every time you filter then drivers by all right deserve to get upset. You are just pushing in.
  19. find where he lives, have a quick release on your exhuast pipes, ride past every morning with straight pipes while limiter bashing
    steer clear of vikings, trust me, im english.
  20. I would say this is the first time its happened to the op, to say he looked like a prat is a bit pathetic paully , I doubt the other drivers were laughing at him either, he didn't open his window because he knew he would get a fist shoved down his face and rightly so
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