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Rammed by a car at the lights

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by arno, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. An interesting incident happened to me this evening and I had share it.

    I had just filtered to the front of an intersection when I noticed out of the corner of my eye the car on my right slowly moving forward while also changing direction toward me. I looked back at the lights assuming they had gone green and just as I noticed they were still red I heard a car rev followed by the slight sound of crunching panels and what felt like someone had booted me in the right foot.

    After regaining my balance, I turned around to see a guy with a "that'll teach you" look on his face and had absolutely no idea what to think. The light had gone green during the excitment and my first reaction was just to get the hell out of there.

    Even while typing this i'm sitting here in disbelief that a cager could think, "how dare he push in, i'll ram the bastard"

    Thanks to my boots and the 'oops' last year on the spur, the only new damage to come out of it is a very slight bruise on my calf.

    Has anyone else had anything like this happen to them? I honestly can not believe it.
  2. i would have parked the bike in front of that car and gotten his drivers licence number and rego

    and i would've called police straight away if he gave any lip
  3. + 1

    You should of atleast made a attempt to get his rego

    Pull over up the rd, possibly flag down some witnesses
  4. Assault with a deadly weapon. Glad your ok.

    Was the crunching metal the sound of the metal crunching on his car? Did he do damage to his car?
  5. I wud've being very.... angry (to put it simply). and i wouldn't move and get off my bike asked what he was doing?
  6. "I looked back at the lights assuming they had gone green and just as I noticed they were still red I heard a car rev followed by the slight sound of crunching panels and what felt like someone had booted me in the right foot. "

    What do you mean? You were on a bike I assume? Where was the crunching coming from?
  7. G'day everyone,.......

    You should have got his rego and reported him to the police.
    If it is found that it was deliberate then you can have him charged with ASSAULT!!
    Not to mention Assault with a deadly weapon.

    Dr Who?
  8. too say the least !!! :shock:
  9. I would have pulled the bike to the side of the road so he couldn't run it over an gone up to the car and yelled at him/get rego and all that, if he drove off i'd lay a boot into the site of the car as he takes off and that'll slow him down/bring him back.
  10. About 5 minutes after everything happened, all of your comments were going through my mind. 'Should have got his rego', 'should have got witnesses', 'should have stopped and gone postal'. But unfortunately all I could think at the time was, "wtf! arrghhh, go go go go". I'm more of a lover then a fighter :grin:

    I was on my korean pile of junk (sorry to all those with hyosungs, had a clutch cable snap on friday :evil:) and the 'slight' crunching sounded like his front left quater panel indenting.

    His car was an old box shaped shit heap, so i don't imagine he would have been too disappointed if it did suffer any damage.
  11. similar thing happened to me mate... I got his rego, he drove off so i took it to the cops. Havn't heard anything since. There are arseholes on the road... you did the right thing by hightailing it outta there.. shoulda gotten his rego though!

  12. Unfortunately reporting to the Police usually results in no action. They are busy with many other matters and unless you are injured, they'll generally ignore you :cry:.
  13. Wow, now that's a VERY passive attitude...
  14. +1 Unfortunately Hornet is right, unless there is an injury they won't do a great deal.
  15. I have a trick for this kind of cases: I stop, take out my camera phone and take a picture of the car/driver. That really gives them shits. Now you "own" their image, you can do anything you want to with it.
    Of course, there is nothing you can do, but they don't know it!!! They will spend the rest of their day (or life) wondering what you are up to, police, mafia, axis of evil?
    I do that all the time at parked cars on transit lanes. Last one was a courrier (10$/h ,poor guy) and he ***really*** took notice on my "passive" response to his blocking the T lane.

    If you dont have a camera phone, doesn't mater, take out your normal phone and pretend you are taking a photo!!
    About witnesses. If you have a camphone, take snaps. If not, take out a paper, right away, and write down your name, time, and what happened. If posisble, ask from someone to sign at the end of that paper his name as witness to you signature/time (not witness to the incident)
    Then call the police and tell em what happened and ask for an incident report number, insist on it, tell em you will go to courts on this and you will need their report number.
    If you end up in court or dealing with insurance, you can present to them that paper and the courts will accept it as evidence, while the other person will have nothing. It DOES count if you do take notes immediately, even if you have no witness.
  16. What a f&*(wit! Glad your alrite.
  17. So report it to the police and tell them that you are in excruciating pain and you need to go to the docs to have your baby cow(calf) looked at.

    Gets the donut eating, good for nothing, shit bags out of their chairs and in front of a computer.
  18. Good to hear you came out of it O.K.

    Unfortunately by not taking action this prick will now feel he can get away with this sort of behavior.

    I had a guy nudge my leg as I filtered past him once
    I got the bike out of the way, let him past and stuck a boot into his rear panel. He pulled up and started to abuse me, and i told him exactly whqat i thought of him intentionaly striking me with his vehicle.

    Calling the cops may have been a better option, but at least this way he may think a little next time because being in a car is not necisaraly a safe option.
  19. You crafty devil, I like it, I like it alot! :grin: :grin: :grin:
  20. Good point Paul but I think I'd be having an injury.