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Ramadan month of fasting and prayer

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by quietman, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. http://tinyurl.com/2gywey8

    Any muslims here doing this?

    Seems like quite a bit of self-control needed. I'd be out after a day :grin:
  2. feel sorry for them

    ill be putting a pig on the spit this weekend
  3. i done the 40 hour famine a couple times, does that count?
  4. I did the Lenten fast when I was about 16 - 40 days of no animal products and minimal other fats. It does take a degree of discipline.
  5. F*k that. No sex for a month srsly my internet couldn't stream enough p0rn to make me get through that.
  6. You can still have sex at night time when most people tend to have sex. The only time you need to refrain from sex is from sunrise to sunset which is when most people are working anyway.
  7. Sorry Allah, but I would make the worst Muslim ever.
  8. No offence to Muslims, as I work with a few of them, and they tell me it's not that difficult, in fact one of the Muslim guys calls it Ramitdown, cause he reckons you eat as much as you like after sunset and as long as you get up early you can eat as much as you like before the sun comes up .. and as for sex, morning wood is good wood
  9. The problem I've found with my Muslim colleges comes when Ramadan falls in summer. Some take it too the extreme of not drinking water during the day and that is dangerous in Australia.

    I've had guys all but pass out on me at site.

    I think the Australian clerics should be a bit more reasonable when it comes to Ramadan in Australia.
  10. It's not as difficult as it may appear because after the initial first few days your stomach gets smaller and accepts the fact it won't be fed and you stop craving food. You can eat a lot but the purpose of Ramadan isn't just abstaining one self from food/water but there are benefits that go with it.

    I agree morning wood is good but hey it's only 30 days man.

    Ramadan will not be falling in summer for the next 25 years as now the folk in the northern hemisphere will be fasting longer than us in the south. It has actually become so short for us in Australia and we will only be doing it for 12 hours as opposed to the 17-18 hour long fasting we were doing in the late 90's early teens when Ramadan fell around new years. If one fasts then they simply cannot eat or drink between the prescribed hours full stop and this is not a matter of taking it to the extreme or not. If it was extreme God wouldn't have ordered the prophet to order the followers to do it as God knows best what is extreme and not.

    In my teens to earn a bit of extra cash I worked farm jobs in the late 90's in Griffith under 40 c heat while fasting and I was fine. If one has a medical condition, have their period blah blah then obviously they can be excused from fasting.

    The clerics can't do anything as fasting is a direct commandment from God almighty. I quit my last job because the workload was as such that it prevented me from going to perform my Friday prayers at the mosque so I quit affter consulting with the cleric.

    Mind you guys there are 2 types of Muslims. 1 is a full practicing Muslim and the others name is a Muslim but no practice in their daily lives. Only God knows which is which. I found this used to cause confusion amongst my non Muslim mates as they used to always ask me how come you do this and for example Ali doesn't? Not all Muslims fast but they are obliged to.
  11. This makes it easy?? Sheesharoo, I have serious trouble getting from breakfast to lunch...

    Have done the 40 hour famine as a young foolish person though, and it's an interesting thing, fasting does makes you feel a bit lightheaded and otherworldly. So I can see why it's a popular feature on all sorts of religious calendars as a spiritual practice.
  12. I think it's also sunset and sunrise at Mecca, meaning in Winter in Australia you've got to wait until about 9-10pm for dinner and have to be up by about 4am for breakfast.
  13. I'm with curls, I'd make a crap muslim.....

    I'm happy being a human being how nature intended it to be.
    Eat when your hungry, drink when you're thirsty, sex when your...... errr, no explaining needed!
  14. No it's not ibast. Each region follows their own local sunset and sunrise times. Presently we will stop eating by 5:30am and will break our fasting at 5:45pm. It's only 12 hours and very doable. To tell the truth after the first few days you no longer crave food and the only thing that makes it tough is not being able to quench your thirst.

    Ramadan isn't only about not eating food.
  15. I guess there is going to be difference depending on which order you belong too. I'm 99% certain one of my friends doesn't run to local time. Whether it's Mecca or some other determination I'm not sure.
  16. Ramadan changes each year ( the time ) ?

    am I correct ? --- if so why is it that it does ?

  17. like Diwali, it's based on a Luna calendar.
  18. I believe what you are referring to is actually the day that ramadan begins and ends rather than what time the fasting begins and is broken on each day. In that case yes your friend begins when Mecca begins which there is no issue with that.
  19. Yes it comes back by 10-11 days each year. There are 11 days less in the Islamic lunar calendar than in the solar calendar (which is what we use in today's society). This is why Ramadan comes earlier and earlier every year.
  20. Thanks Bro - wish my tax return cheque would do that