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Rally Car Mountain Climb (Vid)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Dazza, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. This vid has been around for a while. A bloke (Ari Vatanen) is in a rally car scooting up a dirt mountain to the top in a time trial. Fantastic camera angles and awsome sound from the car, he is going flat knacker. Great footage.

    File is is a thumper 66 meg, but BLOODY WELL WORTH IT.


    Enjoy 8)
  2. Glorious talent, and balls like watermelons.

    You've got to love the bit near the top of the mountain where he's driving one-handed while shading his eyes from the sun.
  3. Started downloading about 30 minutes ago...

    Up to 35%


    Strange thing is, I was just watching rally videos with my housemate, and he was telling me about this exact video and how much he wished he had a copy.

    Happy brithday dude!
  4. Ouch - that server has bandwidth issues! 22kB/s is the best it can manage? :(
  5. Not just any "dirt mountain"..... It's Pike's Peak gawdammit!!!


    I have a VHS copy of it somewhere at home. Might download this one and burn it to disk when I get ADSL this week as the video copy I have is well and truly worn. :LOL: :eek: