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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by greaser, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. Gday,any of you guys go to the rallies that are held every so often?there seems to be a few on around this time of year.ie ragged fringe rally near gloucester,sept 8-9,also rage rally in capertee same weekend,looks lkie the ride just to get there would be fun....???

  2. Yeah I'm off to Nundle for the Ducati Rally 6th & 7th October - if you like retro Ducs and BMW's then plenty to look at :cool:

    What you riding greaser?
  3. I almost never hear about rallies on NR, they seem to always been by word of mouth.

  4. Pick up Cycle Torque free from most bike dealers. It has a good listing of all the upcoming rallies. Australian Road Rider also lists most of them. The Vietnam Vets rally at Pearlbrook is supposed to be pretty good. I've been hitting eBay recently, stocking up on camping gear with the intention of getting along to a few more rallies. I ran it past the wife in one of those "afterglow" conversations last night and got tentative approval... :grin:
  5. i have been to a few, they can be great fun, but at the same time aren't for everybody, last one was sept last year in kyogle, the gateway rally, was fantastic, 3000ks return from canberra, included putty up and back plus thunderbolts way, the bruxner highway

    bloody awsome roads
  6. I've posted up numerous times and no interest :roll:

    When posts about getting cut off by a cager get ten times as many replies as a ride report - that's a shame :evil:
  7. Haha true. Often involves some dirt work though, or big distances. Next bike will be more tourable on.
  8. Sometimes there's dirt, but not always. Even so any bike can ride dirt, you've just got to take it easy - remember there were no adventure bikes 25 years ago

    Have a look on a map and check out where Nundle is - numerous ways to get there well within a day - and all great roads including no dirt. So you got no excuse - I can meet you there :p

    I rode with a guy on a Ducati ST4 last year and we did 60 odd kms of dirt :shock:

    I'll admit very few R1ZRXGSXCBR's make it to many rally's, and that seems what many of posters here want to ride, and there's other sites that talk about rallies :cool: