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Rallies - who goes??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Toecutter, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Yeah been to a few, love camping on my bike

  2. No, but interested in going to one

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  3. Not interested, only like camping in brick tents

  4. Went, but never again, the music was too loud, the bikes did burnouts all night and the beer was too

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  5. A Rally - is that to protest about George Bush - I'm there

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  1. So two posts in a couple of days about rallies, and just wondering how many netriders have been, or would like to go on a "back to basics" rally where you camp, have big fires and share bike stories.

    Many are within a days ride of captal cities and the small towns obviously benefit from all the extra visitors. It's great when the Lions/Rotary organise BBQ meals so no need to take any food, stove etc.

    Seems a few travel with other netriders and do overnight stops, but hotels/motels don't really count :wink:

    Having said that I've been to a Ulysses Rally where over a 150 people went and two of us camping :p Well it was at Stanthorpe (top of Great Dividing Range - in July :shock: )

    Here's one listing of rallies for anyone interested

  2. I'm not normally a fan of top boxes, but this one did a great job


    Who needs a tent

  3. I know a few guys that go to lots of the NSW/QLD/VIC rallies, but for me, I couldn't be bothered strapping tents etc to my bike...
  4. yeah had planed to go on 3 separate ones got injured broke bike was broke,
    but love to go if i can ever make it.
  5. Im always looking at bike luggage and wondering how well it would fit my camping gear :grin:
    Rekon I might do one sometime this summer.
  6. Last One I went on was BC [ before children ] but prior to that if it was within a 600k radius ** sometimes more :twisted:

    I was there ... Clubman / Mother Hardys / Howqa etc etc the list and badges goes on and on :)
  7. I've travelled over 500km to do a rally before, but nto for a long time. Now the weather is warming up and I have nothing better to do with a weekend (and I have a housemate who can feed the dogs) then I'll probably go to some again.

    Any excuse to do the only thing that matters - get out and ride!
  8. Ive been on a couple .....its usually a good time.
  9. I stopped going in the late 80s when they brought in bands and on site bar.

    I see that there are some that are back to baiscs and that would interest me.
  10. Used to go to a few back in the UK, and did the NumDuc a couple of years back.

    These days I don't really get enough weekends off to be able to rely on being able to go to any given event though :( .
  11. I'd love to go along to a rally. Happy to camp and have a few drinks and laughs with fellow riders. Bring the topbox Alex! ;) :grin:
  12. > A Rally - is that to protest about George Bush - I'm there
  13. I guess I just never hear about them, they sound like a good idea to me!
  14. You got the Ducati rally at Nundle on 6th October - depending where on the mid north coast you are, should be an easy ride across.

    any netriders turn up I'll buy them a beer :cool:
  15. Why? :?

    Man goes to great lengths to invent heaters, air conditioners, 5 star accomodation, and you want to sleep in a tent with the flies, ants, snakes, spiders and god knows what else? :? :?

    If I want to talk sh#t about motorbikes and stuff I will go to a coffee night!
  16. It's great to go anywhere, but on a bike, something special gets added to the adventure - the reason many do it is because of....

    ....to get back to where it all began, IMHO, nothing personifies motorcycling better than a rally or camping on a bike. Anyone can get a bike, ride it and stay in a hotel, but to plan the trip, packing everything for camping, fitting it all on, learning what you need (and don't) then getting up before sunrise to leave, travel some new roads, meet some new people, check out everyone's bike and gear (and how they pack it) is all part of the fun and something I really enjoy.
  17. I'm quite keen, but not until February - want a bigger bike to manage the extra gear + pillion + longer distance.
  18. over the years I have done dozens of rallys all over Vic, NSW, SA and even manged the centre rally in alice springs once.. doesnt take much gear to camp out, small dome tent and a sleeping bag and you will get by.
    you get to meet a lot more new people at a rally then you will at any coffee night. keep in mind to check the conditions for the rally you have in mind, The Dargo high plains rally is strictly for the deicated rider with the the bush track and river crossing to get there sorting out the riders skills and courage (or stupidity) of course there is others like the groggy wombat that have a sealed road right to the camp site, meals at the local pub and the band and bar is held indoors at the footy club...
    I think the best part is you can make some great new friends, you may only catch up with them at rallys and thats what will keep you going back
  19. I used to want to do the Centre Rally so much. This was before they tared the road to Alice. :eek: