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Raising the Standards in a German Way

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mrblack, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. As a newly registered member (but an "old") rider can I suggest we make a few changes around here?

    Firstly we should recognise that only the germans can make good bikes (and cars I guess).

    We should also recognise that overweight barnschtormers like me and mine (my bike not my partner) can do wheelies - we just choose not to.

    Japanese bikes - wellllll! OK I used to own a CBR1000 so Hondas must be OK.

    And finally a question - what is a "Bimota" - is it really a two engined motorbike? That would be something - but only if it was german.

    My compliments to the folk who run the show - excellent job - you must all ride german motorbikes?

  2. Um welcome, I guess.

    And I should also wish you luck.....
  3. Thanks for your kind words Mizz ZZR - in future I will keep my beemer raves and everything else rants to a minimum

  4. well i reckon most beamers look damn comfy to ride.. I love the upright seating position, although I think I'll stick with my yamaha for now :)
  5. Welcome to the forums MrBlack. :)
  6. Good on a long (or short!) run Androo and comfort is now my middle name.

    It was speed until I swapped bikes for a ride with a mate some years ago and nearly lost me and she who must be coddled off the back - well it was a Kawak GPz750 turbo. I had to stop to scrape off the brown stuff and put my arms back in sockets - but that is another story......

    Mmmmm might have to get me one of them turbo thingummies

  7. It's certainly one of the main reasons I switched. But all the comfort in the world isn't worth much if the bike isn't fun to ride as well.
  8. thanks jimi looks like a good spot to talk crap about bikes which I just lurrrrvvve doing.......... :D
  9. with an opening like that i think theres going to be a bit of a power play at the upper ranting ranks :)
  10. Guten Tag Herr Schwarz!

    Welcome to the forums.
  11. ducky I am a k man myself but recently borrowed a Rockster (not sure about the name!!) for a day and it was great.

    Wide bars, plenty of go, great suspension on the front (I have an old "forked" suspension K - no one make jokes about all Ks being forked please) - eminently chuckable and a pleasure to ride.

    Having never ridden a modern R I was very impressed with engine ability and desire to rev.
  12. Welcome to the forums! Like German bikes do you? As the BMW technical devision always says "Ve 'ave ways ov making new torque!". I like Beamer bikes, but they are too expensive IMO. The Japanese get my vote for range, quality and cost.
  13. Yeah, the name's dodgy. With the white and black paint job all I need now is a little blue light... :LOL:
  14. All bikes are fun to ride.

    (but then my first ride was a Vespa 50, and my first rally trip was two-up to Walhalla on a Suzuki A100)
  15. So was I till I threw it away on Sydney Road late last year. :cry:
    Now all I've got is my R65LS :D

    It's actually more fun than the K in lots of ways but not quite as good for touring - and it will still pull a genuine 180kph...

    Still, there's the possibility of a new or nearly new K in the next few months if my financial controller can be persuaded. While I'd like the new 1200S it's a) expensive at $25K & b) not out here till June :cry:

  16. Would love to, but a K 1200 S is a little out of my budget unfortunately :( Know any local ex-pats at a BMW dealership that give good discounts? ;)
  17. I rode K's for years in the early 90s and then regretted selling my last one about ten years ago to go Japanese - I have got around the big $$$$$ by fixing up a crashed one - got it late last year - don't suppose it is yours??????? 1990 black 100rs

    I used to know a guy who rode a 65 in Perth - he was the fastest damn rider I have ever seen in the tight stuff - I could not get near him on my K but I was new to biggish BMs then.
  18. quote]I have got around the big $$$$$ by fixing up a crashed one - got it late last year - don't suppose it is yours??????? [/quote]No,
    I threw it down the road in December & it was a white RT.
    I can understand why you couldn't keep up with the 65 in the twisty bits.
    The K's are best in more open sweepers. You really have to work them in the twisties.[
  19. speed


    Did you say your r65ls does 180k????

    Where? Downhill with a tail wind?

    The bookwork on mine says top speed 102-107mph top speed.

    I have got jets right out and use premium and octane boost with valve shield.

    I am about 95kg and can only get just to the speed they say on a good day head down.

    How do you get the extra 20+- ks??

  20. Re: speed

    BMW speedos can be quite flattering.

    My old R65 could still hit 150, and would cruise all day at 130, but I would expect one that could hit 180 to have some rather special mods.