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Raising handlebars - Hyosung - Sore wrists

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by oohsam, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. Im fairly tall, hence why i bought a hysoung.
    My right wrist has been sore for a long time now. It only happens when I have to cover my brake, when riding through traffic.
    I was told by someone that i can raise the handelbars by unbolting the top of the fork and bulling up the tripple clamp by about 8 inches.
    is this true. seems a little odd to me.

  2. Why not try and adjust your brake levers first?, undo th ebolts and adjust the lever assembly up or down until it is comfortable...
  3. Someone's pulling your leg. :grin: I know it's hard in traffic, but try using you back/stomach muscles to hold you up, rather than resting on your wrists.

    & yeah, as Bamm-Bamm said, your levers may be adjusted wrong, try giving them a tweak.
  4. i have a hyosung, ever sicne the last service/clutch fix been running GREAT! love the bike!. I don't get what you have but i do get numb hands after hours and hours. Try to use your abs/back and legs to support your weight, takes time but ever since doing this my hands are much much more better :) although your muscles might hurt after a while nethermind about this they are just rebuilding themselves to support the new strain.

    I also adjusted my break and clutch levers a little lower because they were too high and its much much more comfortable!. If your wrist still hurts after all these adjustments go do some boxing without straps :) for a few weeks then give it some rest for 2 weeks then try again :)