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Raising handlebar on V-Star 650 classic

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by hadricus, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. Hi guys & gals,

    I love my 2008 XVS650A, but I am also 6'5" - and my knees are high enough to make turning the handlebar full lock very difficult.

    I've got two ways of improving my situation, one is to install forward controls and tilt the floorboards, which should reduce the height of my knees enough. Second way is to raise the height of the handlebar, which might work better for my arms too.

    My question is: would I need to replace cables to raise the handlebar 6", and why are replacement cables so expensive? They're definitely not cheap on zpower, unless there's other places to look.

    Also is there another option here?

  2. Is it possible to tilt them forward ? Hard to say if u will need longer cables without trying it. Maybe just see how much slack the cables have in them now
  3. You might have already adjusted them up/forward but if you haven't I'd think you could get about 2" more reach if you tilt them up a bit.
    It was one of the first things I did to my 650 when I got it home.
    If you actually lift them then you'll definitely need some new cables.
  4. Thanks Stever42, I tilted the handlebars up last night and it did increase clearance - but left the handlebars in an awkward position.

    I've bitten the bullet and purchased a forward control mod, bringing the floorboards forward 6" and with a tilt. Should bring my knees down to a comfortable and functional position.
  5. Maybe too high ?
    Lower them a little until the angle at your hands is comfortable.
  6. 20150202_201426.
  7. Gudday. I've got mini apes on mine. Super comfy riding position. Still looking to add some highway pegs so I can stretch the legs out on the longer trips
  8. Looks great dude, did you have to extend the cables in doing so? What did the lot set you back?
  9. Can't tell you sorry, its how I bought it. The cables would be extended though.