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VIC "Raise your right foot"

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Thera, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. I remember we had a discussion on this subject last year, and I couldn't see any new mentions of it, but I received this in my email on Valentines(well junk mail)

    To the right of the quote is a picture of the ubiquitous Gum Tree with flowers attached.

  2. for every increase in speed of 5 km/h above a 60 km/h limit, the risk of having a crash doubles.

    They never quote where this research comes from, can it be independently verified, what postulates were chosen for the research etc. I am always wary of claims from research that is not cited.
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  3. raising your right foot wont slow you down on a motorbike.
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  4. summed up what I sent back to them via contact email
  5. It might if you were a Speedway rider. ;)
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  6. I was thinking more along the lines of letting a faster rider go past you..
  7. Yes, there is a study from Adelaide Uni that has formed the basis for this claim for tha past decade or so. It was a crap study and ignored several elephants in the room, but it does exist. Rob posted a link to it in the Road Rules Believer (I think) thread.
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  8. driving at 70 in a 60 zone means your 4 times as likely to crash?
    do they seriously think you southerners are stupid enough to swallow that tripe?
  9. I need a bucket...... **throwin up**
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  10. Well the problem as they see it is that people don't believe it, but the powers that be absolutely believe the outcome of the research.
  11. if they were so convinced speed=dead, why haven't they mandated speed restricting devices instead of systematic lightening of wallets?
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  12. And this is why the population in countries with Autobahns and the like are all dead.
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  13. In fact if you have your foot on your rear brake pedal it will actually do the opposite.

    I once saw a sign on a long stretch of highway when I was on a group ride which said the slogan. I couldn't help but rise my right foot and marvel at the fact that my motorcycle did not slow down at all, in fact, it continued to accelerate. I noticed that Streetmaster who I was riding with did the same thing.
    It's another example of the TAC's and other government organisations car-centric attitude. This needs to change - instead of them telling us "you need to slow down, you need to reduce the risks yourself it's nobody else's responsibility, you need to wear safety gear and it's also good to wear high vis vest even though there is robust research which suggests it does SFA".

    They need to invest in more driver education and positive motorcycle safety benefits. How about 500 dollars to go towards motorcycle gear for low-income earners? These sorts of things is the only way they are going to get their accident, injury and fatality rates down.
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  14. I'm sick of this intense concentration on speed kills! Speed is a FACTOR and only a factor. It happens to be the factor that is easiest for the gov to make $$$ out of. I'd love to see campaigns run on safe driving concentrating on texting/mobile phone use, distraction minimization (load music, changing CD's, eating whilst driving), driving to conditions...and all those other things that cause accidents & SMIDSY's!!

    You see the horrific accidents on the news always put down to speed! However, closer examination reveals that it was an inexperienced driver with a car load of pissed mates overtaking on a wet gravel road over double lines listening to base music. They're rarely mentioned coz speed is the easiest to pick on and scare people with.
  15. yeah but why would they be riding speedway on the street ;)
  16. **** this shit pisses me off SO BAD!!!
  17. I'd like to raise up my right foot alright...right into their bung-hole!
  18. Actually that's not quite true; I have noticed reecntly in quite a few accident reports (in the media, Police being interviewed on camera, etc) that it has been specifically stated that 'speed was not an issue with this accident'

    I know what you mean, though...
  19. Amount of people speeding has killed, ever:

  20. Really? I haven't seen those yet. Whilst tragic, it is refreshing that it isn't always "scare tactic" reporting.