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Rainy day saved me.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Zealt, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. Well the story goes.

    I left a friends place at 8:35 or around then, he lives on Lucknow st in Mitcham,
    I wanted to go to the Brentford Sq supermarket on the way home so I headed up Rooks road and stoped at the lights at Canterbury Rd intersection, being very careful in the wet because the day before I’d taken off as fast as the GPX can take off and ended up spinning the wheel in to 2nd 3 or four times and it shakes from side to side violently when it spins, I didn’t want to push my luck any further.

    So anyway I’m sitting at the lights waiting to turn right on to Canterbury thinking "the arrow won't change for ages because the stupid sensors wont notice a bike" I was wrong I saw the Canterbury rd traffic get an amber, I clicked down to first and took a glance at the traffic to my right slowing down to stop then looked ahead again to see the green arrow appear, "Great I’m off" I start to pull out slowly remembering not to push my luck in the wet anymore then a blue Toyota sport something flew through the red at least 2 seconds after it changed doing at least 100 maybe more!!!

    WTF! Some people just shouldn’t have a licence or a right to life really.

    I chased the car (at the speed limit , catching up at red lights) but decided the way she drove was going to get us and the traffic around us killed.
    I managed to get a few words off at one set of lights but it was obvious the peroxide had leeched through to her shrivelled half dead brain.

    So really the title says, the rain saved me, I would normally of been in the middle of the intersection and been pancaked!

    (Yes I know I should have looked before I took off… (I did look I just didn't look for cars going 30k's over the speed limit past a large group of cars. Ad I travel that road four or five times a day and its always pretty good up till now, even though there are coppers with their ray guns shooting people every 3rd or 4th week. etc etc etc blah blah blah…..)
  2. hmm.. yeah sometimes, something traveling too fast might fall in the blindspot.
    Specially when you travel that road often, your mind has a picture of the road being slow and safe. When you looked, the car was there, but on your mind's blindspot. Your mind automatically drew a picture of that area as you had seen before...slow and safe.

    This kind of illusions are quite normal, of the brain leaving out on interpreting some images it sees.

    Always remember to check, double check !!

    Being from a country where you always have to be alert, of someone or something jumping onto the road infront of you, or some vehicle appearing out of nowhere, disobeying rights of law. I have that alertness well inside me, even if I see a green arrow, or a complete right of way, I still look out for unusual hazardous elements. Double check the side lanes, on a green light, just to know there is absolutely no light runners, or anything around. And I guess this level of alertness actually helps.

    Maybe you should get in to the habit of being alert....always !! :)

  3. i wouldve clipped her mirror on the way to the next set of lights and given her the one finger salute. :cheeky:

    People just dont get it, getting to your destination 2 minutes earlier doesn't warrant T-Boning a rider or another car for that matter.

    these people need to visit a hospital and realise how what they do can fcuk up someone's life.

    Mod this is how normal people write, please keep with the program thank you.
  4. Weren't you going to refrain from SMS speak last week? :roll:

    -1 for vandalising someone's car. What gives you the right to do that?
  5. point taken......

    its just thats how my best mate is know in hospital, drinking and shitting out a tube and isnt gonna walk or know im even standing nest to him, coz some stupid person ran a red and T-Boned him.

    people just dont get how their actions affect other road users, and for me personally, it just grinds my gears.
  6. I absolutely agree with your sentiments mate.

    Good luck to your mate too.
  7. thanx man, its probly not a good idea to vandalis someones car your right, but man it gets off my nerves, ok. WOOOOSAAAAA lol, and im happy again. :beer:

  8. I understand your feelings but holding onto those negative thoughts doesn't help your friend.
  9. You got lucky, as fate would have it...the other side of the coin is bloody scary!. Can't blame you for being insensed.
    Be happy that YOU are alive and well, and take it on-board as an experience to be logged away in the little box of "keep me safe" reminders. :)

  10. So, when we are taking off at the intersection double check for red light runners should help to spot them in time and take the action. But what to do if you see there is a green light for you, you approaching the intersection at speed and can't see far enough to spot them because of the buildings? Brake anyway and approach the intersection in second gear looking for red light runners and getting ready to stop or accelerate?

  11. yours is but one scenario, just approach intersections with due care.
  12. Lucky you didn't have a quick take off that day!

    I don't know if it is coincidence or the attitude of some drivers who pass through that area because I was waiting on Springvale Rd at the Maroondah Hwy intersection and had someone turn right across my path (I was going straight) 1-2 seconds after my light turned green last Thursday! A similar situation repeated again at the next set of lights at Canterbury Rd.

  13. I guess the bottom line out of the whole story is this: it is an empirical, proven fact that people run red lights, often at speed.

    This means that if you assume they don't, and behave that way, you're basically playing Russian roulette. Sure, the gun may have a thousand chambers, not just 6, and only one bullet... but there are fairly simple things you can do to improve those odds even further, like being *very* aware that...

    it is an empirical, proven fact that people run red lights, often at speed.
  14. Well put Bravus!


  15. Ive had a similar thing happen to me.

    Was driving home one night when i used to live in Brisbane.

    Was talking on my mobile ( completey illegal yes ), when i was stopped at a light, it went green, and as i wasnt paying attention due to talking on my mobile, a car ran the red light doing 80-100kph with ease.

    If i had taken off sooner i would have been gone.

    People really need to learn to pay attention to what they are doing.

    Best to always assume others are idiots and have no idea what they are doing, whether you are on a bike or in a car really.
  16. CS SAID
    definetly the best advice of the day. :applause:
  17. How true.