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Rainproof overalls

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ryangus, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. Any suggestions on brand/model and supplier?

  2. I did a bunch a research not long ago and went for the REViT H2O Pacific Rain Suit, haven't used it yet, but it looks good - haha.
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  3. I just got the REV'IT H2O Pacific - have used it once in a heavy downpour, stayed perfectly dry.. I lost all dignity whilst wearing it though, that hi-viz is hilariously bright, another guy putting on his wet weather gear at the same time even passed comment about it..
  4. Hi,

    I have a RS Taichi set while not overalls the pants and jacket are extremely easy to get on and off. We have had some very wet weather in Melb of late and I have not got a single drop through the gear.

    See this thread for my and other views -


    Cheers Jeremy
  5. Wow...that REViT H2O Pacific Rain Suit is bright. :shock:

    I have a RS Taichi DryMaster rain suit. Has kept me dry many times these last few months of down pours. It is on the expensive side of things, but it works, can be packed away into a neat bag and isn't so fluoro ;)

    EDIT: Jem bet me to it...took to long searching for a link!
  6. SNAP.

    How did you go last week, I was completely dry?
  7. I was dry from head to shins...my old boots have holes. I think I need new riding boots hahaha. Walking with damp socks suck!
  8. You can get the REViT one in black, as i did, has some minimal silver reflection on it
  9. Thanks - the Revit jobby looks like the go for me (albeit in black ;) )
  10. Doh.. didn't know it came in black!
  11. Hahah, at least you're extra high vis!
  12. Ok just had a look outside - now where can I go to get this gear delivered in the next two hours?:facepalm:
  13. i got my plastics with me, 22nd floor looking north from melb cbd, hmm, looks like a fun ride to streetmasters place tonight, hope the aldi pants dont leak, well not too much lol
  14. got any glad wrap at work?
  15. Notwithstanding the above replies, one-piece are a bit last century and also kinda gay.
    Not that there's anything wrong with that...
    I recommend a two-piece (I have a MotoDry Lightning set) for the following reasons:
    1. If you wreck one piece in a slide or other, domestic-type accident, you only replace that piece, not the entire suit.
    2. They tend to be cheaper pieces (my set was around $100)
    3. You can get different-sized top and bottoms. My bottoms fit perfectly, but I got a top a size larger so I can wear my backpack underneath and keep it dry too.
    4. This is just what I've heard around the place, but a two-piece will stay waterproof longer than a one-piece, due to the lack of a long zipper or other join.

    As for staying dry, mine did a "spirited" run from Melbourne to Sydney in mostly pissing rain last year, kept me bone dry, and were still working when I slid along on my back in them in January. As mentioned above I just replaced the jacket for about $50; the pants were fine...
  16. Found a couple of garbage bags :grin:

    To tell the truth, I'm itchin to get out in it. How sad is that?
  17. Hahaha...a sight to see. If I do see you out there, I will give you a salute!