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Rainpal - clip on visor wiper

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Mouth, Feb 19, 2016.


  1. Key features of Rainpal which will fit different makes of smooth curved full face visors:

    1. Water spray to wash your visor (we listened thank you for your feedback) One click jet water spray/wiper for clearing your visor when riding in drizzle sprays and a single return wipe. The water jet will be offset to the left of centre so not to detract from the rider's central vision. The water will be sprayed immediately the button is pressed and there will be a 1 second delay for the wiper in order for the water to spread. Rainpal will have an internal water reservoir and a connection for a larger external reservoir (sold separately)

    2. Drastically reduces fogging/misting of the visor as condensation forms as rain is normally colder than the outside air as it has fallen from cooler air above. Fogging is caused by the temperature difference and humidity on the inner surface of the visor being warmer than the outside air and when this air hits the inside of the visor which is cooler fogging occurs. As the rain is normally even colder as it has fallen from higher cooler atmospheric levels especially compared to the warmer more humid air inside a visor which is being warmed by the wearer's breath and face both producing heat and the breath humidity. When rain sits on the outside of the visor the warm humid air inside the visor hits these colder areas under the rain drops producing condensation which forms joins to form fogging a bit like on a bus in winter as there are many people breathing and creating warmth when this warm humid air touches the cooler windows fogging forms as condensation builds up. Rainpal removes rain quickly therefore reducing fogging.

    3. Rainpal uses the thinest wiper probably in the world at 2mm of rubber and a 4mm shaft. The wiper therefore creates minimum blind spot and will bend more easily than a visor in an accident so the visor presents more of a danger should it crack than the wiper in an impact from an accident.

    4. Adjustable wiper speed

    5. Delay wipe

    6. Easily fits and detaches in about 2 seconds

    7. Wiper will snap off if in impact for added safety

    8. Swappable battery pack so you never need to run out of charge. Keep a spare onboard your bike! With more than 120 minutes of battery life (we are working on 200 minutes) in continuous wipe and much longer with a delay wipe. Rainpal can be charged at the office via USB for the journey home or even on-board if your bike has a charger or USB socket. Rainpal will have a charger socket and a USB socket

    9. The watertight seal of visor is maintained as clips are only 1mm thick and enclosed by the rubber rim of the visor aperture

    10. Can be used with Pinlocks

    11. Lightweight at 150g about 8% of the weight of an average helmet

    12. Small size at only 1.3cms in width and height therefore negligible drag

    13. Soft inner rubber cushions prevent any vibration, rattle noise

    14. Air gaps between cushions so negligible drag or uplift

    15. Elastic drive as opposed to metal belt for vibration, rattle, noise free use

    16. Flexible similar to a washing machine water pipe enables fitment to most full face helmets

    17. A massive 140 degress of cleared vision

    18. Less glare from car headlights and/or street lights in the rain at night

    18. No more frozen rain covering on the visor when riding in freezing mist

    20. Less freezing cold air blowing in your face by lifting your visor to clear the fogging/misting

    21. No more dry face and potential aging from freezing cold air

    22. Extensively tested up to 160kmh in Ansys

    23. Fail-safe inner suction cups as the cups cannot be pulled through when the visor is closed and also 3 suction cups provide grip for when the visor is open at up to 25kmh

    24. On-board or wireless controls (subject to which model)

    25. Illuminating LEDS by each clamp for easy night time fitment

    26. Central LED and fluorescent coating on controls for night time use

    27. Charged by USB so flexible power sources

    27. Hard carry case included for on bike storage

    29. 12 months fully comprehensive warranty


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  2. And a special non-scratch visor?

    Believe me, rubber wiper blades will scratch and leave a permanent mark on a plastic screen.
  3. Scratches what scrathes - a tiny minority of you are worried about scratches to your visor if the visor is clean and wet Rainpal should not scratch your visor but if you are still worried Rainpal ships withTear-Offs clear laminates (optical quality plastic sheet laminates that stick across a visor in 1 second for the central view) so everyone can relax as it's better to see where you are going in the rain with Rainpal rather than have rain obscure your view as you worry about scratching your visor and don't use Rainpal.
  4. Interesting. It looks a bit too big to me, and if gopro's were scoring some heat, this will also attract attention. But it is interesting. I like the idea, and wait for a significantly reduced future model to come out.
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  5. But I like turning my head from side to side so can watch the wind carry the droplets away.
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  6. You'd probably love one of these ;)


    Only $109.99, tinted yellow available :cool:



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  7. Now that's what I call stylish! And being an Aussie stylish is my middle name.

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