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RainManns new Beastie

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RainMann, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Gday all,
    Got myself a 1998 Honda vtr1000, goes great, sounds great

    Bought her about 2 weeks ago, and have been loving it.
    A bit of a change for me from the Harley. Doesn’t sound quite as good as my previous bike, but she goes.

    Some mods include; the exhaust, intake and jetting done by Balls tuning.
    Other mods are the Custom metallic paint job, nickel plated wheels (electromould) and header pipes, LED brake/tail lights, custom under tail fearing, tinted wind shield, And very f*cking loud Staintune carbon fibre exhausts.

    Pretty happy with it, have done a few accidental wheelies and I'm still blown away every time i take off.
    My favourite features are probably the customised rear tail, the pipes and the wheels.
    My brother (Nice2Bnaked) begs to ride it whenever I see him, although he's got a nice little project of his own happening.


  2. cool bike RainMann
    Are we going to see it parked in the netrider garage sometime soon?
  3. Verry nice mate.

    Love the custom paint job. :cool:
  4. gotta love the VTR's, yours is a very very nice example, bloody fun them twins :grin:
  5. congrats on the vtr......very tidy looking bike

    From when i was looking atm them, hear dthat with highrise pipes you had to lose the pillion pegs.....looks on yours as though they have been retained??
  6. Very nice bike. That fender eliminator is a-w-s-o-m-e. Looks great.

    Hope you enjoy the new beast. :grin:
  7. nice, i love the look of the exhaust
  8. stewy, you can get spacers made up that pack them out from the cans, as you wouild have seen if you looked at mine at eden :p :LOL:

    mine sit out about 3 inches from the origanal position

    edit: his cans start after the pillions pegs :grin:
  9. Hey rainman Congrats man Nice ride , you have many many many hours of fun and grins ahead of you
    cheers bob
  10. Noice! Get that seat cover on pronto! ;)
  11. Congat's rainman. Very very nice. Love these bikes :grin:
  12. Nice, chalk and cheese from the harley, i'm guessing?
  13. looks SAWEEEEET
  14. yeah thanks, its a bit of a change from the last bike, I'm really enjoying it. still have to install baffles so get it rwc and reg'd, so taking it easy for most of the time.
    The wheels were covered in grime when i bought it, you couldn't even tell it was nickle plated until i polished them up. I also had to get another (temporary) set of indicators on otherwise i wouldn't get rwc. my brother just rigged some up with metal brackets from bunnings and I'll take em off once she's registered. probably take the baffles off too after rwc, depends on the sound.
    anyway i was surprised to see how many firestorm riders there are on netrider.
    now off for another ride...
  15. Congrats on your very different new ride! They're good how they don't date much. The same basic shape keeps it looking much newer than its competition from the same year.
  16. I like. :)

    Megacycle can do cheap baffles for ya. Might be worth having a chat to 'em, as they did a good job for getting mine through RWC.
  17. yeah cheers, but i managed to order some from Staintune (the make of my pipes), and they'll deliver to my local service place. From the pics on the net it looks like its just one simple bolt and nut in each exhaust.

    Funnily enough I adapted to the vtr well, and i chose it because it is a twin, just like the harley was, i dont know how to describe it but there are similarities between the feeling of the two engines although im still blown away by the power of the thing.